Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Reading Responses 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Reading Responses 2 - Essay warningYoung boyfriends like young John and James are interested in her body. She is a gyp to them. Men can play with Mary anyway they like without having to show slightest respect for her emotions. Old John, on the other hand, does love Mary but is not sincere enough to sacrifice his well-established married emotional state for her sake. On the other hand, Mary is in continuous search of finding the right man to frustrate married to and in her attempt to achieve this, she plays a toy to the men. Madge is the typical housewife who is immersed in the kit and caboodle for the wellbeing of her children and husband, though she is privileged in that she is recognized by John as his wife and is introduced in the society as such. She has the status of a respectable woman who fulfills all the roles expected of a particular(prenominal) and responsible woman. John, in his youth flirts with Mary and marries Madge. In old age, he again flirts, this time, with a contrary Mary but almost the same age as the first one. Nevertheless, there is a oddment between his sincerity towards the first Mary in his life and the second one. With the passage of time, John has puzzle more emotionally involved in his extra-marital affairs despite having a satisfying married life. In any case, the author believes that the ending is happy.

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