Saturday, April 6, 2019

Personal model Essay Example for Free

Personal model Essay popular is a different day from yesterday, which is how we should look at our daily experiences. People from all walks of life fucking always find a place that might mean a lot to them or be caught in a situation wherein it may be hard to move on or forgetting such circumstances pass on be harder than what we commonly do. Such occurrences will lead to trauma, worst, psychological illnesses which will collect a single persons life miserable. Life is non a piece of cake. If we will analyze our lives, we will understand that there is something about life which makes it different and at the same conviction unexplainable. Everyday, new surprises arise making our lives both exciting and hard nevertheless amidst all of these, we always rest up with a solution to make our lives better. Some people thinks that once a person went into a psychiatrist or a psychologist, they be insane and not in the honest mind but what they do not know is what lies behind ev ery consultation and every courage to seek from treatment.not all cordial illnesses are dangerous. Most of the time, these illnesses seeks for help, understanding and acceptance. There is no definite medication for mental illnesses but treatments and consultation would help to somehow lessen the complication. Psychiatrists and psychologists dont bite, they help us. Post traumatic tune Disorder One of the most known mental illnesses is what we call Posttraumatic Stress Disorder which usually occurs when something really traumatic happens to the victim.Also most of the reason depends on how unforgettable such occurrences were. Defining Crisis and Crisis intervention Before we come into the real discussion, first of all, we must define what is crisis and what crisis intervention is. In Chapter one of the readings, Crisis is delimitate as a perception of an event or a situation which the victim was having difficulty to take over or to have available resources for coping. Such situa tions lead to several mental illnesses if not treated right or if it is not presumption initial coping strategies.Although not all crisis leads to serious psychological problems if given proper medication and good approach to coping, some takes time to recover and needs a lot of consultation and talks. The best medication that a victim might receive is the love, care and understanding of his or her family which will be a great help for him or her to overcome stress and trauma. What causes traumas and stress? Stress and traumas comes from different situation which occurs in our everyday life. Some are unknown to us while others are not accidental.Some situation varies on cultural or social belief or perception. The subroutine of the internal (personal, intrapsychic) The role of the external (social structures, culture) The role of counselor Counselors are those who try to help the clients. They are not there to judge them or to tell them what to do but they were there to listen to the client and everything he or she wanted to speak of. A counselor is somehow who holds a space in his emotional state to feel for them and a space in his mind to think what should be done.

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