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Life In Nazi Germany Essay Example for Free

Life In Nazi Ger gl accompany actIt was a lovely daylight in Hamburg Ger more peck argon doing their own work and the children ar tending at school. It was an intermediate day in Ger many another(prenominal). There was equality in different kinds of multitude. Religion and refining is non issue to bulk documentation in this state. It was February 1, 1933 in Hamburg Germany. The story of my t genius story that was dream became a historical nighttimem ar to community living in this awk struggled. splendid German are the highest and royalty living in Germany. And Jews are the low class in the state they were being set a slope of the Germany federation. I am Herbert David and this is a story of my life when this historical struggle began. I remember it was yesterday, a 13 year sr. boy skinny, fair complexion analogous other German child, t each and Acherontic hair. I desire spending my succession reading book more or less heroic sol slip byrs and playing my aircraft shroud. I go to school and go to Church either Sunday. Some times, i well(p) fool close to with my 2 friends Randy and Ryan. They were my ruff of friends in my hometown. My beginners name is Micael whos a professional teacher inform history downtown. He is t in whole, relentless hair and he loves to teach children rough the freedom of choice. My commence is a very kind and angelical to children. He doesnt push my sister and i to a current involvement that we dont indirect request to do. My becomes name is Julie who a home striker is preparing the needs of the family. A simple suffer making real that everyone is in good health. I own two sisters namely Julianna, six years old the youngest in the family. She loves hugging everyone and grooms each of the family members to smile everyday. Rachel ten year old who loves my mothers cooking and by come active she necessityed to assume cooking because she loves eating a lot. My two best friends Randy lov es writing astir(predicate) his feeling in a way of poetry and writing fictional stories that talks ab let out life his a Judaic want to be a professional writer. Ryan in the other hand loves to play his favorite shoot on aircraft and wants to be a professional pilot when he grows up. While for me, I salutary want to be my father who teaches in school sharing experiences in life and relent my thoughts to the young hoi polloi who en religious belief be the adjoining in line in life. Providing my family what they demand and make my father proud that I take his footstep as a teacher. I love children because I look at two lov dedicate sisters. And I want to be a good example to them and make my family proud of me.Randy, Ryan and I were down the stairs the tree near in my household sharing each the thoughts and dreams when we grow up. We were laughing in Ryans jokes around having a family both(prenominal)day. And I dont want to deal a family yet I merely want to make m y family proud in what my goal is. My two friends and I went to home its almost time for supper and my mother is yelling its time for supper so we had to be separate ways and wave goodbye to each other. My simple life in Germany changed when my family and I heard the recents in the radio. A new Chancellor is designated in the country. Germany is a nation that is its history neer experience in democracy. This state is in great depression with not profuse feed and tidy sum were jobless. The new chancellors name Adolf Hitler he is also called the Nazi party as the Fuhrer. Like a god they are marching and shouting hail to the fuhrer as they welcome Adolf in the new position he was assigned. At premier(prenominal) he didnt promise any thing he utter he doesnt want to make cheap promises and later part as he encounterd Germany in his second speech he said I allow employ my force-out for the welfare of the German. My Father was apprisal me that time that people are poor beca use of the promises of the previous chancellors. They make promises exactly because of the personal inhalation they set aside the people to employ those were jobless. Adolf Hitler as I hypothesize blocking change all of it and make Germany a better military position for people who live in it. My family was doubtful to this new Fuhrer honourable now for my side i was euphoric imputable to Adolfs promise and a impinging moment that he will not make cheap promises. I was amaze to this person that he wants to organize the nation as one. How amazing thinking that people will not be thirsty(p) and people keep up jobs to come through the peoples needed.But time passes by and Hitlers promises changed to built new host and weapons. I was shocked when my friend randy and his family were taken away by the storm cavalrymans. The ordinance is to prison all the Jewish people because they were not pure race as Germans. His father was beating to death and mental beating. The soldi er is telltale(a) Randys father how to put the rope if he wants to protrude his self. Randys father replied i pose a family and I will not kill myself because you want me to do the soldier only if gave the blimp and pretzel and left the father in the concentration camp. They were release after a year the Jewish and the companionable diplomat. But time passes by and Hitlers promises changed to build the new troops of his own and weapons for the country. A dictatorship and army was the 1stin Hitlers priority before the people. It was a extensive destruction in Germany as Hitlers read/write head became demonic and ambitious. It was April 1, 1933, the stores of the Jews ostracize by the storm troopers of Hitler. They said it was the will of the Fuhrer and it must be done. But the boycott was ended for a day. I was a kid knowing how Adolf ruined a simple set out to a nightmare. take down the books of Jews were burned by the storm troopers the other army was disgusted what t he storm trooper did. They redden killed 800 Jews the night of the Broken Glass were Jewish building was bombed.The goernment was changed when Paul von Hindenburg was assigned Adolf Hitler as one of the chancellor. One of Hitlers comrade Joseph Goebbels wrote in his diary By appointing Hitler Chancellor of the Reich you have handed everywhere our sacred German Fatherland to one of the greatest demagogues of all time. I prophesy to you this evil man will plunge our Reich into the abyss and will inflict immeasurable woe on our nation. Future coevals will curse you in your grave for this action.And it was true Adolf rule Germany as his comrade predicted. Adolf Hitler peradventure a dictator besides he did come up to employ people they called it employment hop-skip by opening an autobahn in Germany. concourse havent felt the inflation slowly rise nevertheless they didnt mind. Germany was everyplace in Adolf Hitlers hand and as for my opinion I dont want to stay Hitler in the p osition of view the state because there were no more peace in the country people are putting to death people and there no more equality in to it. I as German should be with German friend not half race analogous my friend randy. I was disconsolate more or less what happen to Randy and his family they were hiding to the Nazi.How his father was treated by the soldier I was fortunate and Ryan because we were unalloyed German. My family was treated as they were royalty and they were respectable. German People was brain wash as Adolf Hitlers was the Chancellor of Germany. Even the Children were involved in Adolf Hitlers creating a perfect earthly concern in Germany.First, the disable unborn was killed because they dont want in perfect person in their country. They desexualises will write an x in the document of a certain child and they will inject methyl to kill the unborn child. But they will put in the document that the child had a certain disease or the child bearnot be unrec orded(p) out-of-pocket to a sickness. After those cleanup spots, the second was the children come along 2 and up that is disabling. The army will talk to a certain family like in Ryans family he has a sister age 5 years old and his mother was in the hospital dropping Ryans sister for treatment barely after an hour the doctor said that Ryans sister died due to a certain sickness. It was so horrible that raze the children were in Adolfs propaganda in his perfect world and perfect people. Ryan and his family notifynot do any thing because if we disobey the fuhrer we might be killed or abandoned in my country. Ryans father was a German soldier he was telling me that when they oath in Adolfs Hitler and they were raising their arms he felt that this is no turning punt because when we dis enliven the fuhrer we maybe killed like the bombing of the apartment of the Jewish. He said that we are master race it cerebrates German should rule than others. I called Hitler as the most evil leaders in the world because of what he did to my country and my friends. He treated the other race like a excellent little ant that he seat squash it. He maybe created a new German revolution but its nightmare to my childs eye and for the people in Germany. I was scared and turn down my belief to Hitlers vision for Germany. Its sad that this intelligent man preserve do all the horrible things like this. Discriminating and making Germany subscribe to his own ambitious way. Adolf Hitler gave employment by opening the Autobahn but yet his visions to rein other borders are destroying Germany and peoples lives. They were dying because they danger their lives sightly to curb what the fuhrer wants to take other countries.I talked to my father regarding of my studies. I was petition permission to my father that if I finish my studies I will join the army as like Ryans dream becoming a pilot in Germanys army. My father at first was furious about I was going to join in the army. He s aid if i want to live and fulfil my sister alive I should be with them taking care of them. I was telling me many German armies died because of Hitlers ambition in Germany.But i told my father not to be bothered just trust in my idea. I want to join German army to change for the better. I want to befriend but not killing people that is not my race. I want to change for the better for Germany and my family. I want to protect my family because I heard from other people even German races kills because they disobey the will of the Fuhrer.I want to protect my mother and my two sisters to this evil man. And changed it for the better I maybe habiliment a German uniform but it dont mean Im a follower of the fuhrer. I will use my power as German army to dish out people that are discriminated the other German army, dont know how will I can change Germany in my own way but Ill try to change the system by doing good deeds in a small way.If ever I overtake well-nigh Jewish and maltreated b y my comrades i will help the Jew and not discriminate the person as what I heard and proverb before. I maybe a child as of know but hopefully in my goal I will provide the changes of the system of the government in a small way first. After that I will be a soldier as Ryans father to protect people not the government. I didnt finish my studies due to the problem of the country. Jews were taken away and there was no equality. I decided to join the army. Though I really want is to teach but the fuhrer wants that all pure German man must obey to join the army because of some soldiers were dying in warship. My sister Julianna joined in this group called the amazons. They are displaying their nude bodies to the German officials and guest of the fuhrer. As my observation its just a feast for the look of the guest. They said they do the pageant because they were displaying what god created so women are naked. Pure German Women can still married the German Man because of Hitlers ambitio us of a perfect nation. Its a celebration for women to display their naked bodies equitation horses. They were called Madam as a higher class woman. I was brassing at my sister but I cant do anything for her. If I disobey Hitler I will be groundless the next day or even shot that day of the event. All I can do is look at my sister and in side my conscience I was furious and mad. I dont want what Im visual perception it because men where having pleasured by eyes expression at my sisters naked eubstance. I must focused and just to forget that event. After the event, fireworks were displayed in the sky but they didnt mind the fireworks but the women that have been displayed awhile ago. People were praising Hitler because he was taking over Germany.I was in the German Sixth Army Forces in early months of 1941. Hitlers objectives to other borders were have direct access to the Middle East and be able to have the military capability to sweep Northward behind Soviet lines to Moscow. It was bloody war with the German army and the Russia in that year. I was scared for myself giving my life to Hitler that he just thinks of his ambition to the Germany.I reminisce when I was a kid that all I want to is to become a teacher and a soldier just to changed the rules in Hitlers era I was wrong how can I help the people if Im here fighting another border just to please the Fuhrer.My commander General Friedrich Paulus was the one leading the army for Hitlers presents. We were carried to the borders of Moscow and Leningrad. It was called the Operation of Barbarossa. In spend of 1942 the main target was the oil fields of the Caucasus to gain the full mobility if we can gain the oil resources. and so a report came in the Hitlers changed his mind and he ordered us that part of the army will have to occupy to siege of Stalingrad. To divert the antiaircraft gun Hitler derelict the Caucasus Campaign that has a good chance of the army to win.In August 23, 1942 precisely 1800 hours thousand of airplanes drop bombs on Stalingrad. In that urban center there were 600,000 people. Stalingrad was heavily hit by air attack one raid of 600 planes expounded enormous fires and killed 40,000 civilians. We reached the Volga and Stalingrad and the Soviet and the German fought for a long, we were bulging house to house battle for the city. Occupied Russian was fervent it was in the street and factory building was still point of viewing but destroyed.We won the territory my commander was over-whelming about the result using the fire power. We won that day and stay for the night some of the soldiers were hurt in the fight we have the medical but it will not last for long because the next day we were ordered to take down Stalingrad. To smash the enemy forces intense. Occupy the town and block the land communication theory between Ron and the Volga.It was a long urban shred strung out along the west depository financial institution of the Volga. Hitler was really determin ed to capture the major manufactured center and the communications system of the southern Russia. We were happy and rummyen because as we know we settle the borders of Stalingrad. Some are jumping in the trucks, playing express organs and shouting like madmen. I was drunk and yet Im not that well-to-do because I was thinking of my family in Hamburg. I was exhausted and seeing some of my associate was killed because of this. I was drunk not because of the war but forgetting the dreadful memories of the associates that was killed in this war. It was flashing back they were crying for help some lost their fingers because of the fight or even their legs. I just lie down in the avenue and just close my eyes.The next day, war started all over. Russian attempts to annihilate the German armies between the Rivers of the mount and the Volga. The commander of the Soviet gives a note to the Soviet armies to not turn back in the German Army. Its a battle of two borders and we were fighting for Hitler. We were shouting hail Adolf We were killing lots of Soviet armies but they were estimated by 1 million men. November 19 the massive assault, under General Zhukov attacked in German flanks. Within 5 days they had executed a pincer group that 250,000 to 300,000 Germans and satellite serviceman.Hitler forbade Commander Paulus from attempting to violate out to the German location was hopeless. The Russian Climate added to our worries because it is very chilly in the border. Some of my march we slowly froze and we ran out of ammunition. I was terrified because I maybe the next to my troops grave. We were starved because of wish in food so my commander said that those who cannot battle will not provide food and starved them to death just to survive in the border.And for those who are still can fight will take the rations I was in the side of can fight and I can see the eyes of those who are wound the pain and the hunger. They were crying and asking for food and medical att ention but were in the battlefield and Hitler didnt give any supplies to support the armies. The supplies were dropping an average of 70 tons of supplies end-to-end December.The needed minimum of the supplies we needed is 300 tons a day so we leave out of supplies so some of the wounded troops are dying because my commander is letting them die due to lack of food. We were put on 1/3 rations and began to kill other troops that is useless and even the horses we kill and eat because of starvation. By December 7 my troops and I were living on one masturbate of Bread for every five men.January 30 1943, Adolf Hitler promoted to Paulus to Field the Marshall and sent him a message reminding that no German Field Marshal had ever been captured. Hitler was distinctly suggesting to my commander to commit suicide but he declined and the following day surrenders. The last of the German surrendered on the secondof February. The Battle for Stanlingrad was over. Over 91,000 men were captured and a further 150,000 had died during the siege my friend Ryan was been in the numbers who died in Stanlingrad. He was in the plane when the Soviet Union crashes his plane and ended his life.My commander was taken custody by the Soviet at first he hesitate to cooperate but when he heard that his friends will be executed he participate to make an appearance in the Nazi political platforms. He told to the government officials to disobey Adolf Hitlers commands. When Hitler watches the broadcast he orders Paulus family to prison.The troops were prisoner force to march to Siberia. About 45,000 died during the march and the prisoners in the war camps and only if about 7,000 survived the war. Actually nobody knows what really the rates of the people died in Stalingrad Patriotic War. The Soviet Government never did release accurate casualty figures from the war. Some post-Soviet Russians have stated that Chuikov spent over one million soldiers lives to hold the city, but that take on is alm ost certainly exaggerated. It was claim that Stalingrad was the bloodiest battle in world history.The soldiers of 6th Army who had been promised food and shelter by the Russians were not so fortunate. The Russians kept about 20,000 of them to remain as forced labor in Stalingrad to work at make the city they destroyed. We were slave after the boil down of the 6tharmy in Stalingrad. I was so grim what my government done to us just to please Hitlers ambitious ways.The rest were dispatched to numerous prisoner of war camps scattered from Siberia to Soviet Central Asia. Many died shortly after the surrender from a Typhus plaguey brought about by Lice and the unsanitary conditions experienced during the battle. Many more died of malnutrition, disease and neglect in the several(a) prison camps run by the Soviets. Of the 90,000 who surrendered with Paulus, only 5,000 men survived to return home to Germany. Many of these men were held wrapped the longest by the Russians, as their rele ase wasnt finally secured by W. German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer until 1955.After my troops and I was release in prison i went to home in Hamburg, Germany to see my family. I had a wounded leg and it has to be cut so they have to cut my one leg. When i went home, all the structures of homes were destroyed. Bodies of men and women was all over the place and blood shed in each home. I when to see my home and so my home was destroyed i knee led and cry in trend of the house. Asking god wherefore do they have to be dead i suffered enough all i want is to be home with my family.Then after crying and crying, my little sister rustle down beneath. She said a little help here. There was a admittance, it was the cellar i forget that we have a hiding place down beneath the house. I Budge the door and reach my little sister. I was crying and hugging her never realized the pain in my leg. And Rachel and my father was helping my mother to get out the cellar. They were dirty and with bloods. My little sister, Julianna whispered Thank god your alive I was hugging my parents and my two sister. Rachel told me they hatch when the Nazi army was inform by the other German that i was a traitor so they come to my house to kill my family. They were inform about it and hide under ground. The Nazi bomb the house with a tanker and fortunately they were in side the cellar. The Nazi troops thought they were all dead.I survived in the war unfortunately I was a rafter because the doctor has to cut my leg due to the severe damage of my leg because of the war. My life changes when I have 1 leg and its hard to think that I have to use cycle head for the rest of my life. In my seven years in the army I realize so many things that sometimes life is unfair for the people who followed Adolf Hitler for the reason that the fuhrer who once a leader never stand back in his own people.He let the people suffered and then follows dead due to this ambition of taking the country and the order coun try just for his own self and his followers. I cut many things in my seven years in the army and it was horrifying and bloody. It seems that I didnt take the hazard to take stand what I believed. I just followed and silent all the years I was in the troops.To my troops were in great pain, they were crying even though they were men. They dont want to die but they just followed what Hitler said to them. They take orders and they risk their lives to please what the fuhrer wants. Its sad to think that they all died just because of a one person. A person that it was considered as the most evil man in the world he wanted to have a perfect country but he created massive destruction and bloody war in each part of the world. He never thinks for his countrymen but just his self and his idea of a perfect country. I dont have my family they died in the war I was left alone after the war.My Family and I migrate in the United States and live as a American citizen. We were just an ordinary peop le living in San Diego California. My father who takes care of my mother because of the traumatic experience. My father stop for a while teaching because no one can take care of my mother. He never talks about the Nazi nor Hitler. In my way of thinking my father doesnt want to talk about the event because we had lots of pain and its time for the healing process and forget about it. He may never tells us but we can feel what he mean even with out advanceing anything.My mother cant speak due to the cut of her tongue by a Nazi soldier. They were prison in their house and the Nazi soldier thought that they cannot escape but my father told my mother and my two sister to go under the cellar. Fortunately before the tanker attack they were inside the cellar. The Nazi though they were dead and after that they just heard people screaming and beg for help. My sister Rachel so everything that the Nazi troops killing and shooting people in head. They were shot to dead and sometimes like a dee r they just shot in a long range. They were shouting Hail Hitler Hail to the fuhrer and shoot their guns to people. My sister was covering Juliannas ears so she cannot hear was going on out side. They were crying inside the cellar. My mother was traumatize and never speak that day. My sister Rachel was strong and brave so she was taking it in her self.Im pursuing what I really like and teaching children. I have been a teacher for quiet sometimes. After the war, I pursue my studies and plan for my life and for my family. adjacent my fathers footstep of being a teacher. I was a history teacher teaching grades school students, and hopefully i will get a masters degree in history teaching. I want to shared my experience to people that are not aware to the story of world war 2. cock-a-hoop them the idea how hard to struggle in that era and those who are heroes in that history.By sharing my life they will reflect how they were fortunate to live in a free world country. How it is differe nce in living Germany under Hitlers era.How Hitler managed to conquer Germany by using military strategy. And discriminating the other races except the Pure German races. How he kills all the civilians and sacrificing it with out any regrets or pity to the countrymen.Today, it is a calm environment no more massive killings and inequality even we have different cultures and raises. When I was I boy all I want is give change the better of my country but I was wrong of defending Hitler and joining his army. I thought in my mind that this man could change my poverty in Germany but I have felt the terror and horrifying things that in my mind until I die I will carry the experiences. The people are killed because they are not the same as mine. Even my best friend Randy was in that inequality because he was a Jew. I never saw Randy after that tragic day. How is he or is he alive? One of the civilians told me a story that Randy was killed in the final solution because he was trying to sav e his family. My heart was shattered because my best friends were all dead and Im still here in this earth facing the reality in life.In those seven years, I realized that in life we cannot predict what will happen to us. We will never know if tomorrow were still alive? The learning in this historical nightmare is to appreciate every individuals and life. We have to stand what we really believe if you know your right. In Hitlers era, he ruled the people as military government and as for today there is a big difference in it. I have the freedom of choice and no one can tell me what is right or wrong believes. My Randy died because of the wrong perspective in races and religion of the army troops His family was killed in the holocaust because they were Jewish. The holocaust is were Adolf Hitler put the Jewish Family and kills them inside the train. Those who survived told me that Randy was shot in the head because he tried and true to save his parents. His parents was in gas chambers and by using a toxicant gas they were killed for about fifteen minutes. I cannot do anything because i will be killed if i also help them. I was to scared to stand up what i have believed when i was a children. As that event i cant and scared for myself and for my family. The difference of the Jewish cause lots of people dead in a instant. Because of Hitlers ambition to be all perfect the people also suffered and died. That Germany is for thee German people. Hitler brainwash the German telling that Jewish is poison in the country. He make believed that Germans are the highest and royalty in the country. This man was the evil man i ever known how he kills the people but not killing in his own hands. The blood shed was all over the country and the massive killing didnt stop but a lot of events in this black era had died in a horrifying death. When we left Germany we never regrets that we are no more in that country. I was pleased that my family and i left the country and start in Un ites States. My sister, Rachel is in San Diego California High school and Julianna is in grade school. And Im working at the grade school down town. My life change because some of the horrifying when i was in the army was so humiliating for me i was obeying the most evil man in the world way back in the world war two.He even concluded in the holocaust those who are homosexuals, Gypsies and even Communists that just want to express their rights. While in the united states the people gives ideas in their own ways. They can write their beliefs, shout out the road and protest all day want. In my times, they were killed by poison in the chamber or shot to death. But in the new country i was stunned that how people are expressive in their own rights. Having the right choice and choose what ever you want to say. Opportunity to speak wants in each in our minds and protecting the human life as well. I reminiscing what happen then until today, and before i was a nightmare to my family and th e people that lived in Germany in the serviceman War II. I was more aware to the people around me. I respect the people even though they are not like German races. It doesnt matter what religion or culture or decision we have but the important is respecting every person. In my family perspective like my father, he just wants to lived normal ordinary citizen and give my mothers attention. Because my mother cant speak no more. It so pity looking his wife like that while he is normal. My mothers eyes just have tears every time my father help him to eat. My mother was paralyzed due to the explosion when they hide in the cellar. She cannot speak nor shine her feet. My sister and i knew that my fathers affection will help my mothers recovery and give a new start for my family and I. I was teaching children but i am a handicap using a wheel chair sometimes i just cant forgive Hitler and ask what he had done to me. I cannot walk like before all i want before is toteach children and have a n ordinary life. A life that was taken for me to the naughty age of world war II. As for now, i just go with my own life and pursuit my goal. Teaching Children and have my degree in Education in history. I want to explore life and tell stories about the Dark Age of Hitlers reign in Germany. I am setting my mind that even though Im a handicap and has a dark memories i can still change young adults mind to appreciate their lives and know their rights as a human being. Teaching them that sometimes life is unpredictable and learned for the mistakes that we have than in the past. And Even like is so unfair we have to strive and fight for our lives. My family and I were helping each other by everyday session what we feel and what happen this past few days. We were bonding for giving affection to each other that telling each other that stand as a family a therapy for the souls to heal the wounded hearts. Give each other support in times of remembering the bad experiences that we had in th e world war II. Protecting one another to escape in the tragic moment of the family. Its sad to see my family especially my mother cry every time she hear a gun shot in the Television. She was traumatize and we want her to realized that the war is over. We just hug her every time she feels she was in the salute of the Dark Age of Hitler. My little sister Julianna just hug mother ever time my mother cries. She will say Dont cry mama we here and were still alive. We will not stop harming you. Then hug with tears my little sister. We know its hard to forget the horrific experience but were still trying to fight it how painful it is. We maybe faces the stage of recovering but the help of the new friends in the united states i think we can face and can heal the pain. Time could only tell when will my family and I can ever recover because the experiences are to scary to imagine. One night i was dreaming my troops who died in the war they were crying for help and begging to save them. It shifted when i saw my two best friends Randy and Ryan under the tree near in my old house in hamburg Germany they we fictionalization in the grass the surrounding were all black but i can see the tree that we always hanging out when we were a kid. They were not moving they just lying in the tree with their eyes closed. The background sound was the bombs, shot of a gun and the stomping of feet.I was just looking but not moving in my place. Then one Russian was holding a big sword he cut my one leg and hold my cut leg and just laughing loudly. I screamed with the pain i saw. Then Randy scream that he cannot move his body and he cannot breath. He was begging me to help him but i cant move my feet. I was in the ground sitting in with my blood. I was crying for help. Ryan was asking for help. He said help usPls Help us. And i heard a plane coming to Ryans place and saw how the plane release a bomb through air and pointed in Ryan and Randys place and i shouted No. My sister Rachel wok e me up and saying that Im just dreaming. I was crying in her shoulder that i told what i dreamed. She said that i cannot forgive myself in what happen to my friends and troops. I was devastated that night that whole night i talk to my sister Rachel about what i feel. I was crying so hard that asking why did my friends died? I cannot except how a tragic event will haunt me every day in my life. I just when to church with my family praying for a piece of mind. We pray for the people that died in that dark age of Hitler. My little sister Julianna lit up a candle for the children that have died in the world war and the rest of the family pray for the peace of the soul who died while protecting their family. After going to church, we went to the park for a picnic with the rest of the people who survived and left Germany. There was the a lot of family migrated after the down fall of Hitler. We were the survivors of the wars, In battlefield and in the holocaust. They were sharing their li ves how they suffer and how they did survived in Hitlers era. We were eating while we were talking about the great stories. Their was a lady sharing her story and showing in her risk the number. The number of her risk show that she was a victim of the holocaust. How she was separated with his father and hiding in her mothers skirt. Children were taking away from their parents and killing them by poison gas. Because the friends of Hitler said that we kill the old adults but the younger ones must the first to be killed because they can be a hindrance someday in Hitlers plans. The Lady said she was escaped by the help of her mother she run for her life but never see her mother and her 3 siblings anymore. A striking in my flesh how this lady lost her family and can talk about the death of her family. She maybe realized to be strong and be dependent to herself because she was left alone not like me, i lost my friends and troops but i have still have my family alive and even i dont have m y other leg i still have my family to be there whenever i needed comfort. Those people that was victims of the Dark era was sharing their experiences while we were eating together in the park. My family was happy that they were alive and sharing the moments.I was thinking that my family has an extension a large family for those who were victims of the Hitlers era. A large community for people who were victims and sharing their live to each other to healed each others heart. I talk to my father and have a great idea. I told my father what if we build an organization for us to help people that is victims of discrimination and inequality. Those who was survived in the war and for the present those who were discriminated by other people. At first my father hesitated because we dont have enough money to organize a organization. I told my father that the people will help and the citizen in the community will help also if we have a proper exposure. And he agree to it and I open the meeting to the people who was in the picnic. Telling them we can stand for it and help one another. I saw how they shared with out a doubt to one another and by it an organization can be build by starting for the victims of the Hitlers era. I saw my mother tears falls down with her cheeks that in my heart i knew that it is the start of a new beginning for the family and the victims. That my mother will regain her say-so and faith to live in a new stage of her life. I told them that we can start a new life and by the stories we will tell them in schools how we lived in that era and to protect people in abuse and human rights. They were applauding me after i explained what i have planned for the future. After that day, people we going to my house and sharing their lives how they treated when they were in world war II. And my father and my mother was the one listening to each stories. My father gives them advices and moral support. My mother is the one who touches them to realized that they were sympathize in their behalf. My two sister were giving for them and sometimes listen also stories about the victims. We were sharing the lives in my school when i have a history classes that is related to the topic. Giving the children to see that they were fortunate to live with out dictatorship. share-out the lives of the victims changes the lives of my student. They were sympathizing the victims and giving their reaction and i can see in my students eyes that they can see clearly how the world war effect many lives in Germany. Their tears was falling when they heard that even children are killed just because of their culture and their religion. After a month, a blessing came into the victims lives. They were given a place for every memorabilia and pictures of their family to remind the people that in world war many lives was taken and shattered but some people that survived because a hero to give idea that a right to live and freedom to say what you want it to say. My family and I was over whelm to see my student give a special place to the victims and collect memorabilia to the victims and re-arranged it to the walls. Pictures of people who died in the war and most of them are also written names that every student put some personal prayer. When the grand opening of the New Hope Organization people in the neighborhood was attended the event. There was open eyes to them and give some donations for the victims of the war. Some give attention to talk to them every day to heal the survivor in this dark age. And some give their time attention and love to the victims of the war. I was over whelm what they did. My family was helping to the new organization and hopefully we can gathered all the victims of the war not in a certain neighborhood but each country that was victims of Hitlers era. That night we went to bed and i had dream again. Ryan and Randy was wearing white vestments and smiling at me under the tree that was my friends and I hang out when we wer e little. They were waving at me and telling me thank you for the help. I said to them dont thank me i am just an ordinary person that just want to ask forgiveness to them. Randy said dont ask forgiveness because you didnt kill us but life is unpredictable we have to face and be courageous that we are dead. We have to have to abandon something to achieved a certain goal. They were telling me that i help the souls of the forgotten to see the light and to remember them as innocent who died in Hitlers era. After that my two best friends wave and disappeared. I woke up and i saw the four corners of my room. I was happy that even randy and the victims of the war appreciate how the the living victims were cope in the new environment and appreciating that they were heroes in every stories. They maybe death but in the history of Hitlers in human stand a new way of thinking that, we can stand in our own. We have human rights and have the right to choose to be alive in this world. No one can ever take this and by together all the victims and those who are voluntary helping to heal the people can change a new world. Changing the way of those who are not open in the historical dark era. And make a stand to people that Life is a right to live. Adolf Hitler may killed many lives in Germany but again i stand for the victims who live and even they have dark experiences they will stand because of the people surrounds them. A lot was changed and my family gathers the pieces of a happy family i might dont have my other leg or my mother cannot talk for the rest of her life i know and she knows that a big changes when we left Germany and pick the pieces of each others life. The organization will always be in the side of the victims and the death of the innocents. I will be the one who will uplift this vision and became a reality. By the help of people who are willing and open minded in the event. My father supported me to my goals and my vision. I Finish my degree and teaches col lege students in San Diego California. My two sister is studying in where i teach in high school. My mother cant talk but as i can see she cope in her trauma and helping in the victims by listening in their stories. BIBLIOGRAPHYJ and Einsiedel, H., Cassell Military Stalingrad Memories and Reassessments, Wieder,London, 2nd Edition, 2002. WalshS., Simon Schuster Stalingrad 1942 1943, London, 2000. 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