Friday, April 19, 2019

Are No-Suicide Contracts Effective in Nursing Practice Essay

Are No-Suicide Contracts Effective in Nursing Practice - Essay ExampleThere are different thoughts in a unhurrieds head and psychologically the act provides the uncomplaining with a different mindset. In a sense, it assists in the fuelling positive thoughts in a patient.The no-suicide act also provides patients with a means of attaining assistance. Many patients suffer from arrant(a) emotional stress and they are unsure of what to do with their lives. The act provides the patients with reasonable steps they can declare when they begin to feel suicidal.The use of the suicide act hinders different interventions as very much faith whitethorn be placed on this method. Many studies state that have gots become less competent in the presence of a no-suicide contract. As the nurses are reluctant to implement other approaches, they may overlook obvious and much better intervention methodsApart from being able to detect early suicidal warning signs, the nurse should also be able to dete ct warning signs in the patients history (depression, do drugs abuse, recent divorce or unemployment, psychiatric dis founds).The nurse should refer the patient to psychiatric department if he or she detects warning signs of suicide (verbalization- I cant live like this any bimestrial reckless behavior giving away valued possessions and abuse of narcotics)8. Please develop 3 nurse interventions for the patients plan of care that are each directly related to the identified care for diagnoses. Please include a rationale for each nursing intervention.Establishment of a therapeutic relationship with the patient. The nurse must be fully aware of the patients condition in order to understand the history of the problems and the different approaches taken in the past. The nurse must also understand the patient and his or her attitudes towards the current situation.Validation of the patients thoughts towards his or her condition. This is useful in establishing the relationship betwixt th e nurse and patient. It also assures the client that the

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