Wednesday, April 17, 2019

American Historical Association Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

American Historical Association - Essay ExampleThe diversity of people makes them extremity to study narrative, as it would help them understand certain predicaments.History is mainly important to those individuals who want to uncovering out the meaning of being humans. People who dwell on the history of the origin of human experience more self-aw ar as, through it, individuals learn about the actions of individuals in the past. It is through the study of colonization that a person is able to understand completely what the European nations were doing in Africa (Velasquez, 2014). Events such as the Holocaust or Hiroshima bombing teaches a historian about the dangerous side of humans.It is vital for an individual who wants to develop the nontextual matter of critical thinking to study history. This is cultivated by the detailed information and explanations provided in history. Individuals who found themselves in foreign places ought to study history to help them answers any questio ns that they may have. Some of the questions that they may have are the difference in color or accent (Velasquez, 2014). People in countries with different cultures would turn to history to help them understand the difference in the two cultural practices.

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