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Reading Responses 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Reading Responses 2 - Essay warningYoung boyfriends like young John and James are interested in her body. She is a gyp to them. Men can play with Mary anyway they like without having to show slightest respect for her emotions. Old John, on the other hand, does love Mary but is not sincere enough to sacrifice his well-established married emotional state for her sake. On the other hand, Mary is in continuous search of finding the right man to frustrate married to and in her attempt to achieve this, she plays a toy to the men. Madge is the typical housewife who is immersed in the kit and caboodle for the wellbeing of her children and husband, though she is privileged in that she is recognized by John as his wife and is introduced in the society as such. She has the status of a respectable woman who fulfills all the roles expected of a particular(prenominal) and responsible woman. John, in his youth flirts with Mary and marries Madge. In old age, he again flirts, this time, with a contrary Mary but almost the same age as the first one. Nevertheless, there is a oddment between his sincerity towards the first Mary in his life and the second one. With the passage of time, John has puzzle more emotionally involved in his extra-marital affairs despite having a satisfying married life. In any case, the author believes that the ending is happy.

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Voluntary Disclosure Reporting Program within a Safety Assurance Research Paper

Voluntary Disclosure Reporting Program within a base hit Assurance - research Paper ExampleIn the United States, they called Voluntary sanctuary Programs. In other words, they are peculiarly named Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA), Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA), Aviation Safety Action Partnership (ASAP), and Voluntary Disclosure Reporting Programs (VDRP) (Kelloway & Cooper, 2011).The absence of these voluntary programs, it would imply that the capacity for a specialist to have a fruitful SMS is restricted in that the reporting society and structure historic to help and drive the motors of SMS (Safety Risk Management (SRM) and Safety Assurance (SA)) might not be sterilize up. While these voluntary wellbeing projects are presently basically develop inside the U.s. Air deification industry their development has brought virtually information sources that, while extremely strong, are not organized to okay the framework wellbeing process that is so imperative for SM S to be fruitful or successful.As of now, the Safety Information being gathered inside the carriers brings about a colossal wellspring of information about the operation and the dangers/perils that are intrinsic inside. The accessibility of this data has become altogether in the preceding(prenominal) 10-15 years. This is credit to the enormous endeavors of the business to create, push and secure these projects. The consequence has been an emotional change in mischance and instalment anticipation. While it is difficult to demonstrate an immediate connection, the lethal mishap rate decrease in the previous 10 years, and the happenstance of the development and development of the Voluntary Safety Programs cant be released. It was resolved early that the simple some piece of the improvement of these projects was the obtaining of this data (in spite of the fact that any individual who has actualized champion of these projects realizes that information securing is not an insignificant interest). What got obvious

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Tony Blair and Liberal Democracy Ideology Essay

Tony Blair and well-favored Democracy Ideology - Essay ExampleTony Blair played a major role in integrate the Labour Party a fact that made the popularity of the Labour Party to rise in the united soil. It is through this unification that the sylvan experienced a balance between the two major parties the country and that is the Conservative Party and the Labour Party. This is referred to by some experts as the Blair effect. This shows that Tony Blair was a good leader by all means and this also brings some the question of liberalization. It is important to course that Tony Blair highly advocated for the liberalization of motley aspects in the country as well as other parts of the world especially the develop countries and countries that were having political, companionable and economical problems.Tony Blair was the Prime pastor of the United Kingdom from the year 1997 to the year 2007 and during his premiership, he follow various policies which have been seen by many as t o advocate for Liberal Democracy and Nation State. legion(predicate) people will remember him for the foreign wars that he was involved in when he was the Prime Minister and also his doctrines of military intervention in various divergences in the world. When he was resigning, he argued in fan tan that his successors should learn to use his foreign form _or_ system of government. Although these doctrines and policies were not instrumental in his first election to the premiership and were not cited in his campaign, the policies that were cited in his first campaign still remained instrumental in his leadership throughout his premiership1.The most everyday political model of Tony Blair was the Liberal Democratic Nation State. This was his initial political ideology and while he exercised this at the domestic politics, his foreign policy leaned very much to the Liberal Democracy ideology. It is important to note that even though the Liberal Democracy was a prevalent policy in the United Kingdom long before Tony Blair was elected to the premiership but he also embraced this policy during his premiership2.On the international side, the world-wide crusade for the policy of liberal democracy was taken by Tony Blair as his personal crusade during the conflict of Kosovo. Although he faced significant criticism from various quarters, he did not shy away from implementing this policy in the subsequent wars that included Afghanistan and Iraq. He was also very instrumental in bringing about neoliberalism to be the countrys dominant social and moral philosophy. This does not meant that neoliberalism is just a synonym of capitalism because the guild and the political culture of the country were transformed by numerous policies which sought to eliminate the ideal of compare from the political policies and this policies also encourage the establishment and acceptance of an underclass which had the outlook of permanency and hereditary social group. Under the administrat ion of Tony Blair, the core electorate group also known as Middle Britain had the opportunity to overtop the countrys politics and in so doing they excluded the disadvantaged and non-voting underclass from the politics of the country3.Blair also attempted to implement the Mazzinian patriotism but this failed

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The term Eloquence as it relates to rhetoric Essay

The term Eloquence as it relates to rhetoric - Essay shellAlso concr. eloquent language. Primarily of oral utterance, and hence applied to writing that has the characteristics of good rhetoriciany. In modernistic use the notion of impassioned utterance is more prominent.History has produced a number of statesmen and philosophers who were physically weak and frail old men, but who with their sharp tongues and a nimble mind, would speak so sublimely in a simple and lucid manner that even the meanest despot would think twice ahead acting in haste. Eloquence is a tool and a facilitator that helps an ordinary speaker to become an orator. An orator would again use strong rhetoric to force out an issue in his own favour. In short, eloquence, rhetoric and oratory are interlinked.Eloquence when combined with oratory becomes powerful and when the two combine with rhetoric, the junto can become deadly and powerful, moving armies to inaction and turning the speaker from a position of faili ng to a position of strength. The Oxford Dictionary emphasises this point and when Marc Antony speaks out to the citizens of Rome he begins with Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears, for I hold up come to bury Caesar and not praise him. In all probability, if Marc Antony had become a tirade of peevishness and wrong doing or even treachery against Brutus and this gang, then the crowd would not have rose to vindicate Brutus and the history of the world would have been incompatible (Rawson, 1978).Eloquence is not about using very full(prenominal) blown language or even using complex terms and ideas and it is not about supercilium beating an audience into accepting a high sounding speech that they do not understand. quite a it is using ordinary words and phrases and combining them to force the audience into thinking on a different track. It is not about rabble rousing though leaders down the ages, have used it for waging insurrection

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Consequences of Attacks via Cyberspace Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Consequences of Attacks via Cyberspace - Essay ExampleThe consequences of unauthorized access, on the one hand, and the tampering with information, on the other, are enormous, whether accessed in terms of its impact upon individuals, corporate entities or the economy as a unit of measurement (Sturdevant, 2005). Indeed, a considerable of the potential consequences of the unauthorised violation of information, or of cyberattacks, highlights the aforementioned.Much has been written about the consequences of cyberattacks and the intent to which the theft, unauthorized access or tampering with information has the potential to wreak havoc upon individual lives, companies and economies. In explaining this, Schwartau (1994) identified three levels of information warfare, each of which had its own unique characteristics, targets and, naturally, consequences. The first level, referred to by Schwartau (1994) as inter soulfulnessal Attacks, focuses on personal individualism theft, twain of individuals and of corporations. The successful theft of identity, entailing the gathering of personal/corporate information and records, allows the identity thief to pose as the person/entity in question. Through possession of information such a credit history, driving records, medical files/history and accounts, the identity thief can proceed to harass the entity/person in question and assassinate his/her character or corporate reputation (Schwartau, 1994).While interpersonal attacks, generally limited to identity threat, are classified as the first level of information warfare, the harm make to victims can take years and substantial amounts of money to repair. As Block (2007) reports, official crime statistics signify that approximately 5% of all American adults have been victimized and, as a consequence, have witnessed both the destruction of their credit history and, in many instances, their reputation. On the corporate level, however, identity theft may be identified as a serious annoyance more than a problem as yet as the theft of corporate identity is such(prenominal) more difficult than the theft of individual identity and much easier to disprove. That does not mean to imply that it is not problematic or that it does not expose the entity in question to both financial loss and negative publicity but only that its consequences are much more containable than those which result from one of the other ii levels of information warfare.Within the context of level two information warfare, referred to by Schwartau (1994) as InfoWar, the consequences are infinitely more serious and substantially more costly. InfoWar, as defined by Schwartau (1994), involves sabotage, the theft of company records, including client and subscriber lists, and industrial espionage. A not rarified scenario can involve the theft of client and subscriber lists and their subsequent selling to a competitor. In company to highlight the magnitude of the consequences of this act of InfoWar, Gold (2001) discusses the consequences of InfoWar in relation to Encyclopedia Britannica, which was subjected to such a cyberattack misadventure approximately ten years ago. Its database, containing the names of 3,000,000 subscribers was stolen and sold to a competitor. That database, considered the companys most valuable asset, was conservatively estimated at $1,000,000. Needless to say, the company lost tens of thousands of subscribers, not to mention the financial loss it incurred (Gold, 2001).InfoWar is not,

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Ford Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Ford - Case learning Exampleullaly, the CEO, implemented included employee reduction and other cost of output reduction techniques, shrinking its production finished asset divestitures, as well as noticeable strategic maneuvers all deemed at avoiding government activity bails and loans. Most importantly, Mullaly focused on building a higher customer base by convergency nameplates. As a matter of fact, fords management saw product diversification as a obstacle to success as it dilutes core brand names. Therefore, Mullaly enlarged on some brands whose c valuation by customers outdid the rest, such as the Taurus model. Noteworthy, the success of ford is more leaned on customer base expansion, through brand improvement than in any other strategy. For instance, having capture that demand for modest cars was increasing, ford responded by majoring on little cars despite their low average returns.Veritably, fords prosperity would contract been more if they had focused on market and promoting their nameplates but altering the branding a little bit to capture the whole market, placing small car market in their forefront. The marketing plan below is an alternative solution.Lamb et al (2014) asserts that marketing plan should include a mission statement that is not only effectively stating the companys objectives n but also exclude marketing myopia. Therefore, the mission statement needs be base on customer satisfaction based on a SWOT analysis of the firm and application at large. A high market share would be obtained by having several luxurious small cars but insist on lowering can consumption. In addition to brand reduction, Ford should have realized that the recession was worse in US than in other economies. Therefore, emphasize more growing the global market. A good target should be developing economies where vehicle market is characterized by warmness class. With invention of small cars, the middle class can easily be captured by reduced fuel consumpti on. Technological advancement of fuel

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Exploration of The Cultural Challenges that French Companies Face in Essay

Exploration of The Cultural Challenges that French Companies Face in Attempts to Penetrate the Italian market place - Essay ExampleThis study tackles significant considerations of the unique characteristics that the French and the Italian markets respectively have, the latter be the new one to be explored and developed. Such process is very necessary in enact to reckon what effective sales approaches have to be applied in the Italian market. An existing and working marketing scheme in France may not be viable or practicable in Italy. The advert concepts and drives used by the company in France may not gain acceptance from the people of Italy. The This enquiry study is limited to the presentation and exploration of the cultural issues in international marketing within the selected center setting and in concept, theory and exemplifying scenarios. The research will be exhaustive in its conceptual thrust as well as in the material used to substantiate presented arguments, claims, points, ideas and perspectives among other positions. The event objective of this study is to illustrate my skills in the domains of marketing and cross-culture communication as a way of soliciting for cerebrate career opportunities in the U.S.A, Italy or in any English-speaking country. This study has been made in order to be read and understood by American audience. The endeavor is in tandem with the skills acquired during my course majoring in international trade and marketing at ESC Chambery Business School and the MBA pursued at the BMU.

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Terrorism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Terrorism - Essay ExampleThough terrorism has been part of various societies of the eyeball for the last several centuries, yet the contemporary world has become the most despondent victim of such obnoxious assaults and threats. The horrible victimization of terrorism of the modern world is partly due to the invention of a la mode(p) dreadful and destructive weapons, techniques and strategies, which has taken the entire world into the awkward clutches of terrorism. Additionally, fast increasing disconnection of hatred and detestation between the cultures, faiths and civilizations is also inviting reddish clashes and appointments on the very face of the earth, and the political government and governments appear to be helpless in combating with this curse even. Consequently, collective measures are being introduced on the concrete foundations of multicultural and inter-faith co-operation to defeat and crush the widespread terrorist nuisance with collective efforts. The theorists, intellectuals and philosophers blame social injustices and inequalities as the root-cause rump the expansion of terrorism in the world. They cite Marxist perspective that declares conflict between haves and haves-not as the byproduct of chaos, confusion and anarchical state of affairs in human societies. The theorists are of the opinion that rejection of granting opportunities, resources and privileges to the developing countries is creating thwarting in the minds of the masses, which always results in the form of violent reaction to the injustices and inequalities observed and promoted by the elite course of instruction of society on the one hand, and the powerful states of the world on the other. Hence, it is social inequalities that give birth to violent struggle against exploitation. Marx lauded the basic premise that the labor was the source of all wealth, and the profit of the capitalist was based on the exploitation of the laborers. The capitalists performed the rather si mple trick of paying the workers less than they deserved, because they received less pay than the assess of what they actually produced in a work period. (Ritzer & Goodman, 200322) The modern terrorism is also the part of the akin political orientation created and implied out of sheer frustration and injustices. The present paper aims to identify the problem of terrorism in the frolicsome of the ideology, claimed and presented by various terrorist organizations, where these groups try to justify their actions and violent attacks against their opponent forces and groups to set the haves-not free from the exploitation of capitalism and imperialism. The groups under analysis including Baader-Meinhof of Germany, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam in Sri Lanka, and Iranian state-sponsored terrorism reveal one and the same motif, which has been analyzed in the following lines 1. GERMANY A. Background and Facts related to Creation of RAF World War I had move a clear and indelible bo undary line between the nations on the basis of their economic position. Consequently, the conflict between the prosperous and poor states started widening to a great extent. The Germans had commenced World War II as revenge against the humiliating terms of Versailles Treaty of 1919, but the War culminated in favor of the capitalist societies, and indeed added fuel to fire in the further demarcation between the rich and poor countries. Consequently, many ultra groups raised their heads as reaction to the growing exploitation prevailing in the imperialistic

Where do the mexican drug cartels obtain their weapons from Assignment

Where do the Mexican do drugs cartels obtain their weapons from - Assignment ExampleHowever, the increasing use of various ammunitions has led to many questions on where the weapons are being smuggled from with the Mexican government leaving responsibility in great facet on the cheap and easy access of the weapons from the ready markets in the U.S.A. Mexico has deflected responsibility to the cartels warfares away from itself and onto the joined states on the question Where do Mexican drug cartels obtain their weapons from?.The government blames it all on America by promoting the insatiable American appetite for narcotics and the continuous flow off guns that stream from United States into Mexico and then fueling the ferocity on cartels wars resulting from narcotics smuggling.1 The developing brutality in Mexico is connected with few large, sophisticated and vicious poisonous organizations engaged in the illicit drug trade. dose Trafficking Organizations (DTOs) name also increa singly engaged in public conflicts and assassinations of Mexican officials. The DTOs attempts to exert political and social control mean their plan to extend their vigor past what may ordinarily be connected with criminal conglomerations. Case in point, medicate weapons have upheld their particular laws and even infringe expenses like expenses as a method of supporting social and geographic control over trafficking regions. 2 1Malcolm Beith, The Last Narco (New York Grove Press, 2010), 12. 2Jacqui Goddard, Interpol agent passed information to Beltran-Leyva cartel in Mexico (London Times, 2008), 23. U.S. and Mexican government authorities gauge that DTOs basically utilize weapons beginning as a part of the United States, and evaluates that many firearms are snuck into Mexico each year, frequently coordinated by the DTOs themselves. The United States has practically 7000 firearm stores along the Mexican fringe. The private declaration by the US authorities that 90% of the weapons uti lized by the Mexican medication cartels hail from the United States is true. Notwithstanding, a nearby examination of the motion of the cartel wars in Mexico even how the asserted rate exhibits, is more talk than the accurate experimental certainty. Drug trafficking violence in Mexico has reached pestilent proportions and has greatly impacted on both Mexican and United States governments. Despite the increased fight of the war on drugs the illegal smuggling within both nations continues to cause violence and even increase the leverage of illegal firearms from United states to Mexico and also from corrupt authorities in Mexico and from another(prenominal) countries. A drive to edit the illegal firearms in Mexico has been tightened but it still proves to be a challenge for the various operations. The weapons have been approach from within Mexico, United States and other countries as research has showed.3 An investigation of the Operation Fast and Furious and other law implementat ion endeavors to stop guns trafficking and sedate cartel roughness in Mexico, shows that the improvement and plans of the aforementioned operations need a more exhaustive approach to the issues challenging Mexico and United States. The question on where Mexico drug cartels obtain weapons from raises a growing concern too clearly.4 3Ioan Grillo, El Narco The Bloody Rise of Mexican Drug Cartels (London Bloomsbury Publishing, 2012), 23. 4Aire Gutierrez Jose, Blood, Death, Drugs & Sex in Old Mexico (Mexico CreateSpace, 2012), 12. Ascertain about the sources of the firearms and the trafficking path by the cartels which have been causing violence in Me

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Planning My economics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Planning My economics - Essay ExampleAs much as a government may attempt to meet the health demands of its population by dint of the injection of adequate resources, fulfilling them may not be attainable. This becomes harder because most of the run offered through government carry are at no cost hence making it harder to fulfill the fundamental principles embedded. Using this as the basis, the government may allow the involvement of the private sector in meeting these needs with the boilers suit objective being the maintenance of a healthy population that is likely to generate positive externalities. As documented above, the disturbance of the government in ensuring that its population remains healthy is vital to policy suppuration and providing the required infrastructural support. On one hand, merit goods tend to influence positive externalities such as having a healthy population that would propel an economy, but it may also influence market loser. The market failure may r esult from the lack of reliable health insurance options that may lead to medical debts that may puncture a functional economy. Government intervention may be a possible intervention strategy, but it should have the interest of the population at the center by communicating the benefits and the risks of the strategies that it chooses to implement on its citizens. As a recommendation, the government should use citizens involvement in choosing the appropriate merit goods or services that best suit them rather than applying a uniform approach to health services delivery.

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3G technology features and their impact on the business world Term Paper

3G engine room features and their affect on the business world - Term musical theme ExampleThis paper discusses various features of 3G technology that are generally present in all products and explores the impact of 3G technology on business in the contemporary age. Features of 3G technology The two key features of 3G technology that roughly consumers look forward to are data transfer rate and data security. They and many other features of 3G technology are discussed below Using such devices as cell phones, consumers are able to access the Internet, take heed music, watch movies and make calls 24/7. In order to frequently download large files from Internet, consumers want to grant high data transfer speed, which is a facility that many latest cell phones offer. The security features of 3G technology secure the data and confidential information in the wireless communication system. Most forms of 3G technology bid videoconferencing are compatible with a whole range of internet browsers and platforms. Old concerns of checking the compatibility of the product with the internet browsers lay down been obviated with the use of 3G technology. Videoconferencing can be equally efficiently conducted on a PC, platforms of Linux computing and a MAC. Likewise, plenty can participate in a videoconferencing session from all types of web browsers including Chome, Firfox and Internet Explorer. Similar is the scale with online conversation through cell phones using skype.

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Did Marx think that capitalism is unjust Dissertation

Did Marx think that capitalist economy is unjust - Dissertation ExampleIt besides includes a small conclusion depicting the final result of the language and the entire essay is indite vividly with varied books and journals and online sources. Table of Contents Abstract 2 1. Introduction 4 1.1 Background 4 1.2 Scope and Objective 5 1.3 Methodology 5 2. Literature Reviews 5 2.1 Authors Who Denied Marx, Condemned Capitalism as unsportsmanlike 5 2.2 Authors Who Admitted With Marx, Condemned Capitalism as Unjust 7 3. Discussion 9 4. Results 10 5. Recommendations 10 6. Conclusions 11 References 13 Bibliography 15 1. Introduction 1.1 Background This essay mainly highlights the detailed facts of a fast-growing sector describing about the current publicationss on Karl Marx and the controversies that fuelled its growth. Mainly during the last decade of 20th century, there arose a knowing interest over moral and political philosophy highlighting the concept of justice that marked its so cial movement over the philosophical discussions of Marxs works. Such discussions took the shape of a criticism describing, whether Marx denounce capitalism as unjust or not? Varied types of opinions came into limelight discussing such topic in which some argued actively against such discussions and many of them equally admitted that he did for the benefit of the labours or workers. ... Here, the views of Max are also presented in brief. Third part includes the results, conclusions, and recommendations in support of them. Apart from this, to prevent varied types of misunderstanding, the views and theories of Marx and other authors has been analysed in site to evaluate the results stating whether it is just or unjust for labours. Only then, a clear cut picture or view can be attained and judged whether it is appropriate or unjust for the workers or labours engaged in performing varied types of works within an organization. 1.2 Scope and Objective The prime scope and objective of th is talk is to evaluate whether capitalism is just or unjust for the labours or workers. The results of this statement might be examine with the help of varied types of literature reviews and statements of the authors. 1.3 Methodology The methodology of this dissertation is entirely based on the literature reviews of varied authors. It is an entirely theoretical approach in which varied types of texts and theories of the books of the libraries are highlighted to describe the statement of the dissertation. afterward analyzing the reviews and theories in a vivid way, the results and recommendation are presented. Due to which, it may be stated that this dissertation is entirely qualitative in nature. 2. Literature Reviews 2.1 Authors Who Denied Marx, Condemned Capitalism as Unjust According to Brass & et. al. (2004) capitalism is surely a good decision presenting fair leases to the workers or labours. They described that the amount of wage is calculated entirely on the basis of work done or the hours spend in performing that specific

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Are No-Suicide Contracts Effective in Nursing Practice Essay

Are No-Suicide Contracts Effective in Nursing Practice - Essay ExampleThere are different thoughts in a unhurrieds head and psychologically the act provides the uncomplaining with a different mindset. In a sense, it assists in the fuelling positive thoughts in a patient.The no-suicide act also provides patients with a means of attaining assistance. Many patients suffer from arrant(a) emotional stress and they are unsure of what to do with their lives. The act provides the patients with reasonable steps they can declare when they begin to feel suicidal.The use of the suicide act hinders different interventions as very much faith whitethorn be placed on this method. Many studies state that have gots become less competent in the presence of a no-suicide contract. As the nurses are reluctant to implement other approaches, they may overlook obvious and much better intervention methodsApart from being able to detect early suicidal warning signs, the nurse should also be able to dete ct warning signs in the patients history (depression, do drugs abuse, recent divorce or unemployment, psychiatric dis founds).The nurse should refer the patient to psychiatric department if he or she detects warning signs of suicide (verbalization- I cant live like this any bimestrial reckless behavior giving away valued possessions and abuse of narcotics)8. Please develop 3 nurse interventions for the patients plan of care that are each directly related to the identified care for diagnoses. Please include a rationale for each nursing intervention.Establishment of a therapeutic relationship with the patient. The nurse must be fully aware of the patients condition in order to understand the history of the problems and the different approaches taken in the past. The nurse must also understand the patient and his or her attitudes towards the current situation.Validation of the patients thoughts towards his or her condition. This is useful in establishing the relationship betwixt th e nurse and patient. It also assures the client that the

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Public formulation and implementation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Public manifestation and instruction execution - Essay ExamplePublic formulation is concerned with the generation of ideas that can help the customary sector achieve a certain tidy sum of strategy. This process calls for expressions of interests from the experts. Experts from professional background such as economists and researchers are always called upon to help the public administrators respect on any possible investment opportunity. After a lengthy evaluation of various strategies, the public administrator picks one project. Before doing so, a cost-benefit analysis is done to weigh on the investment viability. This is ordinarily done to evaluate on the project that has high returns and less costs. The life years of the project is overly taken into consideration. The longer the life year of the project determines the chance of investing on the project.Project encomium is the second strategic steps that a public administrator follows. After the cost-benefit analysis of the project is done, inbred rate of return (IRR) is also done. IRR analysis is done in order to examine the returns that the investment go out realize in the entire life years of the project. The public administrator then approves for the most practicable project. They approve the project and prepare the budget. Once the budget is approved, the project then prepares for the next step implementation process. execution of this project is then executed. A public administrator deploys quality personal into performing this task. day-after-day monitoring of this project is done to ensure that all the steps and processes are followed to the later. The chief project theater director keep a record of the implementation process to make sure that all the provided steps is adhered to strictly. Implementation process is the key to the viability of the project as this will determine whether the project will be completed or not.An independent project expert that the public administrator appoints should work to

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American Historical Association Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

American Historical Association - Essay ExampleThe diversity of people makes them extremity to study narrative, as it would help them understand certain predicaments.History is mainly important to those individuals who want to uncovering out the meaning of being humans. People who dwell on the history of the origin of human experience more self-aw ar as, through it, individuals learn about the actions of individuals in the past. It is through the study of colonization that a person is able to understand completely what the European nations were doing in Africa (Velasquez, 2014). Events such as the Holocaust or Hiroshima bombing teaches a historian about the dangerous side of humans.It is vital for an individual who wants to develop the nontextual matter of critical thinking to study history. This is cultivated by the detailed information and explanations provided in history. Individuals who found themselves in foreign places ought to study history to help them answers any questio ns that they may have. Some of the questions that they may have are the difference in color or accent (Velasquez, 2014). People in countries with different cultures would turn to history to help them understand the difference in the two cultural practices.

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Chocolate by Joanne Harris Essay Example for Free

Chocolate by Joanne Harris EssayIf we were all to rebel against what weve always known to be accepted, if we were to completely ignore the teachings of our elders and do the things weve been taught to be evil and sinister, what would happen? This situation is one which occurs in a small and tranquil French town in the extract from Chocolat. Throughout the extract there are a variety of juxtapositions, polarizations, and much secernate building the subject. Joanne Harris creates a compelling story, but not without exaggerated or overstated situations. Through recital the extract and analyzing each significant line of literature, we are able to understand the narrator and the young girls subject to a more advanced degree. In the extract, we first encounter Vianne with her daughter Anouk as they brave the acrimonious roll out and settle into the new-fashioned village. We came on the wind of the carnival. The quoted piece of literature displays the sly foreign wind, a rather un usual one for February. To some extent, the wind presents the characters of Vianne and Anouk as they are independent and wild, the same as the wind that brought in the carnival. Reminiscent of the carnival, the narrator and her daughter are very bright and lively which is ironic as they settled the grey village during the time of the carnival. This piece of text alike shows polarization wake vs. Dark and supple vs. Dull, as well as subscriber line between the towns people and the carnival. The polarization of Lively vs. Dull can be seen in the extract through the mentioning of fanciful tales. A dragons head on a shield, Rapunzel in a woolen wig, a mermaid with a Cellophane tail, a gingerbread ho mapping all glass and gilded cardboard, a witch in the doorway.Seeing that most of us have matured with the word- windering that fairy tales are dissimulation- blissful, bright and fantastic, as we read this passage we can see how Vianne trys to keep magic alive in Anouk as well as i n herself. Their itinerant from town to town represents this destroy flame the magic she is striving to keep alive. Not only does Vianne attempt to keep magic flourishing in herself and Anouk, she also aids the parishioners. The extract is an enchanting brew of confections and humanity. Vianne, a shaman-like woman rides the North wind casting her spell of kindness tothose in need she visits town after town seeking battles with those who would exit advantage, and attempt to lord over other poor souls. Carrying on a tradition of lifting the spirits of the downtrodden, with her witching(prenominal) unrefined cocoa and special chili pepper in the form of delicious chocolates. This shows great business amongst Vianne and the villagers for the reason that, the personality of Vianne is much different than that of each person in Lansquenet.We also notice this contrast out of the text through Her silk scarf fluttering at her throat the child in sensationalistic Wellingtons and sky blue mac. Their coloring marks them. Their clothes are exotic.. Unlike the towns people, Vianne is more insightful and exotic as well as observant but nevertheless logical. This is shown in ..knowledge is currency here.. and I smell out their gaze As for Anouk, she is able to see beyond the truth. At first, we witness this during the carnival. But at six-spot the world retains a special luster. Then, at the mentioning of a mermaid. ..a mermaid with a Cellophane tail.. She can still see the documentary witch, the real magic. Joanne Harris employ a great juxtaposition here magic vs. functionality. Not only does Joanne Harris use juxtapositions to build her subjects, she also employs contrast, polarization, connotations, sensuality/austerity (priest, villagers) plus flamboyant passages along with descriptive ones used to paint an image in the readers mind that appeals to our senses.For example, to appeal to our tastes Joanne Harris uses very descriptive words that are enough to provok e you drool. ..hot greasy scents of frying pancakes and sausages and powdery-sweet waffles.. This also creates wild images in the readers mind, tying in contrast amongst the carnival and towns people. The item that Vianne arrives in town on the day of the carnival just prior to lent shows great significance- blood to people and village is Lively vs. Grey/Dull, which ironically is seen a lot throughout the passage. The carnival also acts as a connecting thread though means of a new beginning. More precisely, a new beginning between Vianne and the villagers almost like a float.In addition, the carnival sets mood and personality the item that everything is not always as is seen, especially when it comes to Religion where the church is a means of control. This control is used as a juxtaposition, repression, and emphasis throughout the movie as well as the passage. All the factors mentioned in the essay character, language, connections, significance, tie in to create thesubject. The s ubject of how the towns people judge Vianne and Anouk which then leads to tolerance- how the author creates the subject.

A Data Warehouse Appliance Can Have a Huge Positive Impact on Businesses and Organizations Essay Example for Free

A info W atomic number 18ho function Appliance Can Have a Huge Positive cushion on avocationes and Organizations moveBusinesses and organizations of all sizes are becoming increasingly dependent on info uninflecteds, and entropy stores or line of products analytic infrastructure has become a blood line critical application for many an(prenominal) (if non around) companies. Indeed, these companies pay al personal manners searched for break in itinerarys to understand their guests, and anticipate their emergencys. They fuck off longed to improve the speed and accuracy of practic qualified decision-making. Equally important as whileliness is the depth of the info analysis.Generally, the companies want to decipher all secrets abstruse inside the massive amounts of eer-increasing info. A selective information store thingmajig, which is an integrated order of battle of computer hardware and package intentional for a peculiar(prenominal) purpose typicall y involving the high throughput of selective information and analytic functions, erect be utilise by organizations to optimize versatile areas of information touch on. Its master(prenominal) intent is to set aside unoriginal business bran-news program functions, much(prenominal) as warehousing, extract-transform-load (ETL), analysis and reporting.Due to its cost-effectiveness and efficiency, the information store doojigger has become an important portion of the information warehousing securities labor. In this paper, I will examine the info warehouse appliances and describe its despotic impact on business enterprises. Introduction Since introduced in the early 1990s, selective information warehouse (DW) has proven to be the key platform for strategic and tactical decision fend systems in the competitive business environs today.See to a greater extent Analysis of Starbucks coffee bon ton employees essayIt has become a major engineering for building selective i nformation addressment infrastructure, and resulted in many benefits for various organizations, including providing a single version of the truth, better info analysis and time savings for users, reductions in head count, facilitation of the development of new applications, better entropy, and contain for guest-focused business strategies (Rahman, 2007). The technology has become extremely important in an environment where increasing competition, unpredictable market fluctuations, and changing regulatory environments are putting pressure on business organizations.selective information warehouses are alike becoming the central repositories of organization/company information for info, which is obtained from a variety of operational information stocks. Business applications will find data warehouses more beneficial and rely on them as the main showtime of information as they progress. These applications are able to perform all sorts of data analysis, with increasing custome r postulates for having the most up-to-date information available in data warehouses. Improving data freshness in spite of appearance unretentive time frames is essential to meeting such pick outs.According to Hong et al, virtually all Fortune 1000 companies, today, deplete data warehouses, and many medium and small sized firms are developing them. The desire to improve decision-making and organizational performance is the fundamental business driver behind data warehouses. DW help managers easily discover problems and opportunities sooner, and enlarge the scope of their analysis. Hong as well mentions that data warehouse is user-driven, meaning that users are allowed to be in control of the data and will have the responsibility of determining and finding the data they need.But however, the data warehouses have to be designed and evaluated from the user perspective in order to motivate users to be responsible for finding the data they need. Data warehouse is said to be one of the most powerful decision-support tools to have emerged in the pull through decade (Ramamurthy, 2008). They are developed by firms to help managers answer important business questions which require analytics including data slicing and dicing, pivoting, drill-downs, roll-ups and aggregations.And these analytics are best supported by online- uninflected processing (OLAP) tools. A data warehouse appliance, which is the main topic of addression in this research, is referred to as an integrated collection of hardware and software designed for specific purposes involving the high throughput of data and analytic functions. Data warehouse appliance has become an important segment of the data warehousing market, due to its cost-effectiveness and efficiency. A business or organization piece of ass use a data warehouse appliance to optimize various areas of data processing.In general, the main purpose of the DW appliance is to supplant conventional business learning (BI) functions incl uding warehousing, extract, transform, load (ETL), analysis, and reporting. A data warehouse appliance can have a huge positive impact on a business enterprise. Large organizations are able to staff their data warehouse more goodly, while assisting mid-level companies in solving business intelligence challenges. Data warehouse is fundamentally changing the way the businesses operate, as they are increasingly adopted across various companies.The purpose of this paper is to subject the data warehouse appliances and how they impact businesses and organizations. In the next sections, I posture a brief overview of data warehousing and the current state of BI, then I define and discuss DW appliances including its benefits, after which I describe the positive impact of DW appliances on businesses. Data Warehousing A data warehouse can basically be defined a subject-oriented, integrated, non-volatile, and time-variant collection of data in support of managements decisions.Unlike the on- line transaction processing (OLTP) database systems, data warehouses are organized around subjects storing historical/summarized data for business requirement purposes. According to OBrien and Marakas, a data warehouse is a central source of data which have been cleaned, transformed and cataloged so they are usable by managers/business professionals for data mining, online analytic processing, market research, and decision support. These stored data are usually extracted from various operational, external, and other database management system of an organization.DW can be sub-divided into data marts, holding subsets of data from the warehouse that focus on specific aspects, such as department, of a company. In general all data warehouse systems comprises of the following layers data source, data extraction, theatrical deed area, ETL, data storage, data logic, data presentation, metadata, and system operations layer. But the four major components allow in the multi-dimensional dat abase, ETL, OLAP, and metadata. The dimensional database applies the concept of standard star-schema including dimension and fact tables, hierarchies for drill-down, quality models, aggregates and snow flaking.It optimizes database design for better performance. The ETL process involves the extraction, rendering and gist of data with appropriate ETL tools. Data desegregation is one of the most important aspects of data warehouse, whereby data is extracted from multiple heterogeneous source systems and placed in a staging area where it is cleaned, transformed, p expressed, reformatted, similar, combined, and summarized before loading into the warehouse.OLAP (online analytical processing) tool fork overs the front-end analytical capabilities including slice and dice, drill up, drill down, drill across, pivoting, and trend analysis across time. And metadata stores information (or data) nigh the data in the warehouse system. The components of a complete data warehouse architectur al system are illustrated in Figure 1 below. Figure 1 An important characteristic about the data in a data warehouse is that they are static, unlike a typical database with everlasting changes.Once the data are gathered up, formatted for storage, and stored in the data warehouse, they will never change. The restriction is such that complex patterns or historical trends can be searched for, and analyzed, by queries. Data warehouses are also non-volatile in the sense that end-users cannot update the data directly, thereby being able to maintain a history of the data. A major use of the data warehouse databases is data mining, in which the data are analyzed to notice hidden patterns and trends in historical business activity.Such analysis could be used to help managers get up decisions about strategic changes in business operations in order to gain competitive advantages in the marketplace. Data warehousing is a relatively new technology that brings the vision of an entirely new (cu stomer-centric) way of conducting business to rattlingity, and can fork up environments promising a revolution in organizational creative thinking and innovation (Ramamurthy, 2008).Ramamurthy also mentioned that data warehouse generally serves as an IT infrastructure technology, focused on data architecture, as it provides a foundation for integrating a diverse set of internal and external data sources, enabling enterprise-wide data access and sharing, enforcing data quality standards, providing answers to business questions, and promoting strategic thinking through CRM, data mining, and other front-end BI applications. Users of the data warehouses are from virtually every business unit, amongst which information systems, marketing and sales, finance, production and operations, are the heaviest users.Current State of Business Intelligence Business Intelligence are computer establish techniques used in identifying, extracting and analyzing business data. Sales revenue by products, department, time, region or income are such examples. The BI technologies provide historical, current and predictive views of business operations. Some common functions of BI technologies include reporting, online analytical processing, analytics, data mining, text-mining and predictive analytics. As BI aims to support better business decision-making, they can also be referred to as a decision support system.BI applications often use data gathered from data warehouses or data marts, however, not all BI applications require a data warehouse. With sources from Wikipedia, business intelligence can be employ to business purposes in order to drive business value. Amongst these business purposes include measurement, analytics, reporting, collaboration, and knowledge management. BI is widely used today, mainly to describe analytic applications. According to Watson, BI is soon the top-most priority of many chief information officers.In a survey of 1,400 CIOs, from Gartner Group, it was di scovered that BI projects were the numerate one technology priority for 2007. Watson further informs that the BI is a process which basically populates of cardinal base activities getting data in and getting data out. Getting data in, also referred to as data ware housing, delivers limited value to a business enterprise. Organizations realize the full value of data from data warehouses only when users and applications access the data and use it to make decisions.Getting data out receives the most attention, as it consists of business users/applications accessing data from DW to perform enterprise reporting, OLAP, querying and analytics. The business intelligence framework is depicted in figure 2. Current BI infrastructure is a patchwork of hardware, software and storage that is growing ever more complex. Figure 2 BI framework BI is continuing to evolve, and several(prenominal) juvenile developments are generating widespread interest, including real-time BI, business performanc e management, and pervasive BI.Data Warehousing Appliance A data warehouse is developed to support a broad range of organizational tasks. It can be referred to as an organized collection of large amounts of structured data, designed and intended to support decision making in organizations. The import of information and knowledge from a data warehouse is a complex process that requires mind of the logical schema structure and the underlying business environment.According to Hinshaw, a data warehouse appliance, applied to business intelligence, is a machine capable of retrieving valuable decision-aiding intelligence from terabytes of data in seconds or proceeding versus hours or days. The appliances represent the difference between decision-making using either stale data or the freshest information possible. With sources from Wikipedia, a more standard definition of the data warehouse appliance is an integrated collection of hardware and software designed for a specific purpose that typically involves the high throughput of data and analytic functions.It typically consists of integrated set of servers, operating systems, data storage facilities, database management systems (DBMS), and software that is pre-installed and pre-optimized for data warehousing. DW appliances provide solutions for the mid-to-large volume data warehouse market, offering low-cost performance usually on data volumes within the terabyte range. Due to its cost-effectiveness and efficiency, the data warehouse appliance has become a critical segment of the data warehousing market.A business or an organization can use a data warehouse appliance to optimize various areas of data processing. The main purpose of a DW appliance, in general, is to supplant conventional business intelligence functions, such as warehousing, extract, transform, load (ETL), analysis, and reporting. A true DW appliance is defined as one that does not require fine-tuning, indexing, partitioning, or aggregating, whereas, some other DW appliances use languages such as SQL to palliate interaction with the appliance at a database request level.With prolongation to Wikipedia, most data warehouse appliance vendors use massive gibe processing (MPP) architectures to provide high query performance and platform scalability. The MPP architectures consist of independent processors or servers executing in duplicate, implementing a shared nothing architecture which provides an effective way to combine multiple thickenings within a highly parallel environment.A DW appliance is capable of deploying up to thousands of query processing nodes in one ppliance package, compared to traditional solutions where the cost and complexity of each additional node prevents a high level of hardware parallelism. Leveraging fully integrated data warehouse architecture, a data warehouse appliance can deliver a significant performance advantage, performing up to 100 times faster than general-purpose data warehousing systems. Ma turation With reference to Hinshaw, data warehouse appliance is specifically designed for the streaming workload of business intelligence and is built based on commodity components.It integrates hardware, DBMS and storage into one opaque device and combines the best elements of SMP and massively parallel processing (MPP) approaches into one that allows a query to be processed in the best possible optimized way. A data warehouse appliance is fully compatible with existing BI applications, tools and data, through standard interfaces. It is simple to use and has an extremely low cost of self-command. The development of standardized interfaces, protocols and functionality is one of the most important trends in BI.In comparison to about a decade ago, there are a wealth of tools and applications using these standardized interfaces including MicroStrategy, Business Objects, Cognos, SAS and SPSS. And these are coupled with ETL tools having standardized interfaces such as Ab Initio, Ascenti al and Informatica. The appliances work seamlessly with these tools and other in-house applications. A data warehouse appliance is truly scalable. The bottlenecks are the speeds of the internal buses, internal networks, and disk transfer in BI, whereas in transactional workloads, scalability is limited primarily by CPU.Reliability, which is provided by the homogenous nature of an appliance all separate of the system coming from a vendor, is also critical. A data warehouse appliance also provides simpleness for the administrators, in that it allows administrators spend a more productive time in troubleshooting complex database systems. And DBAs can be deployed to assist end users doing real-time BI. A data warehouse appliance offers the lowest cost of monomania as it has one source and one vendor, thereby reducing costs associated with support.Businesses and organizations will run more efficiently with the simple, efficient solution provided by a data warehouse appliance. Benefits Data warehouse appliances provide freedom to the business user. With patch-work systems, users are limited in the queries they can run due to the time take to run them. And with the time required to run a complex query reduced to seconds, users can not only run their old analysis with more iterations, but have the time to devise and run entirely new sets of analysis on granular data.With sources from Wikipedia, some researched benefits of DW appliance are briefly discussed as follows Reduction in costs As a data warehouse grows, the total cost of ownership of the data warehouse consists of initial launch costs, maintenance costs, and the cost of changing capacity. DW appliances offer low entry and maintenance cost. Parallel performance DW appliances provide a compelling price/performance ratio. The vendors use several distribution and partitioning methods to provide parallel performance.With high performance on highly granular data, DW appliances can address analytics that coul d previously not meet performance requirements. Reduced Administration DW appliances can provide a single vendor solution, taking ownership for optimizing the parts and software within the appliance, thereby eliminating the customers costs for integration and regression testing of the DBMS, OS and storage on a terabyte scale. DW appliance reduces administration via alter space-allocation, reduced index-maintenance and reduced tuning and performance analysis. Scalability DW appliances scale for both capacity and performance.In massive parallel processing architectures, adding servers increases performance as well as capacity. Built-in high availability Massive parallel processing DW appliance vendors provide built-in high availability via redundancy on components within the appliance. Warm-standby servers, soprano networks, dual power-supplies, disk mirroring with fail-over and solutions for server failure are offered by many. Increasingly, business analytics are expected to be used to improve the current cycle, and DW appliances provide quick implementations without the need for regression and integration testing.Also, DW appliances provide solutions for many analytic application uses. Some of these applications include enterprise data warehousing, super-sized sandboxes isolating power users with resource intensifier queries, pilot projects, off-loading projects from the enterprise data warehouse, applications with specific performance or loading requirements, data marts that have outgrown their present environment, turnkey data warehouses, solutions for applications with high data developing and high performance requirements, and applications needing data warehouse encryption.Impact of Data Warehouse Appliances on Businesses and Organization Demand for data warehouse appliances is increasing, and businesses taking advantage of the benefits of this hardware range from a world-wide large-scale business to the smallest individual business. Data virtualiza tion could be a useful assistant to appliances, providing a single view of information across multiple appliances. Data virtualization is also useful because it provides a stable reporting layer during normal migration exercises, such as the circumstances during addition of data warehouse appliances to the information infrastructure.As businesses today continue to process extremely large volumes of data, there is always the need to keep data warehousing costs under control while ensuring a superior BI and application performance. Scalability, flexibility, and affordability are essential requirements for designing an infrastructure capable of supporting next-generation BI performance. When asked why the demand for data warehouse appliance is increasing, during an interview, Robert Eve (executive vice president of marketing for Composite Software Inc. ) stated that it is the confluence of three primary drivers at the macro level.The first is the well-reported information gush, and the technical foul challenges involved in making this information accessible in forms that business decision-makers can easily use. Secondly, data warehouse appliances are more affordable and appealing, as the costs per terabyte and for support are coming down. And finally, recent advancements in analytics technology, notably in predictive analytics, promise to concur with the massive data volumes. Data warehouse appliances offer numerous advantages some of which are similar to benefits.Amongst the advantages include more reporting and analytical capabilities data warehouse appliance are able to handle bigger and more complex query workload, if it executes queries, monetary value reductions data warehouse appliance requires a minimal amount of tuning and optimization of the database server and database design. It is also able to run most queries with a quick speed, Flexibility it will be easier to implement new user requests if less tuning and optimization is needed. With other d atabase servers, a new query might hire to quite a number of technical changes, such as creating and dropping indexes, repartitioning tables, etc.Sometimes, decision is make not to implement the new request at all, due to the overwhelming work. The need for these additional technical changes is less with a data warehouse appliance. Data warehouse appliances helps support impressive BI deployments. With reference to Hinshaw, real world application examples of the positive impact of DW appliance on businesses are discussed. The rapid growth of call compass point records, in the telecommunications industry, creates an imposing amount of data, which makes it difficult for companies to quickly and efficiently analyze customer and call plan information.And traditional approaches have been inefficient in processing queries on even a months data, seriously hampering an organizations ability to perform trend analysis to reduce customer churn and generate incidentally reports. However, wit h a DW appliance, the telecom user can analyze customer activity down to the call detail record level over a full years worth of detailed data. Another industry where data warehouse appliances have begun to prove their worth, and are poised to play a bigger role in the incoming, is the retail.Hinshaw states that Brick-and-mortar and online retailers are capturing great amounts of customer transaction and supply chain information, creating a data explosion that threatens to overwhelm an average retail organization and its current IT infrastructure. But data warehouse appliances enable these retailers to manage and analyze the terabytes of information in near-real time. They are able to use the information to effectively forecast buying patterns, quickly generate targeted promotions and optimize their inventory and supply chain. Business intelligence remains the foundation for the success of decision making in any company.And BI, itself, relies on the underlying database architectur e. Eve also presents other real world examples of positive business impact among a broad range of industries. A leading widely distributed convenience foods business uses data warehouse appliances and analytic applications to acquire major business benefits in two specific areas. One of which the company optimizes its international network of delivery routes, making the system more efficient and ensuring timely delivery of its products. Secondly, it continuously refines its merchandizing mix daily, on a retail basis, in order to maximise sales and margins.Major League Baseball captures information about every pitch, at-bat, and fielding play within a data warehouse appliance, using this data to predict players future on-field performance. This can help teams to evaluate current and free-agent talent, refine coaching and development methods, and determine salaries, hence maximizing their wins. Also, a global freight, transportation, and logistics company uses data warehouse applian ces to identify behavioral patterns that indicate potential dissatisfaction within its existing customer base.The customer care group then proactively takes steps to improve satisfaction before they lose their customers. Currently, smaller data warehouse appliance vendors seem to be focusing on adding functionality to their products in order to compete with the mega-vendors. However, it is expect that all appliance vendors will be impacted by the trend toward an inexpensive, high-performance, and scalable virtualized data warehouse implementations which use regular hardware and open source software. ConclusionIn general, data warehouse appliance is a combination hardware and software product specifically designed for analytical processing. In a traditional data warehouse implementation, the database administrator can spend a significant amount of time tuning and putting structures around the data to get the database to perform well for large sets of users. But with a data warehouse appliance, it is the vendor who is responsible for simplifying the physical database design layer and making sure that the software is tuned for the hardware.In this research, a comprehensive examination/review of the data warehouse appliances, their benefits, and how they positively impact businesses and organizations, was presented. ground on this research, the negative impact of DW appliances on businesses are negligible compared to its positive impact. And there is an increasing demand for DW appliances. I believe that, in the near future, the DW appliances will become the sole platform for all business intelligence applications and requirements. I gained much knowledge and insights from researching this topic, and I intend to further my research on future impacts of DW appliance on businesses.

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Review of Frank McGuinesss adaptation Essay Example for Free

Review of Frank McGuinesss adaptation EssayOn the 7th October, my Drama group and I went to see the Greek tragedy Electra at The Old Vic Theatre in London, adapted by Frank McGuiness. It was directed by Ian Rickson and starred Kirstin Scott doubting Thomas who meets the lead role of Electra. This play follows Electra throughout all(prenominal)(prenominal) the different stages of grief she goes through following the murder of her father Agamemnon. Unwilling to forgive and consumed by a desire for revenge, her anger builds on the return of her brother Orestes, Electras wrath then explodes without mercy, leading to a bloody and terrifying conclusion. Within this play in that respect ar strong elements of grief, addiction and an intense consider for restitution. Electra is filled with loss from the pathological, addictive grieving oer her father who was murdered many year beforehand hand, by her mother and step-father, which traumatic aftershock has left Electra withered and motionless as well as in need of revenge as a sort of compensation for the loss of her father, to the fresh grief over her brother.The set of the play is extremely minimalistic, with small feature which make up the argonna a tap, a fire pit, a point and two pillar with a door in between them are featured on the stage, and I believe these component are symbolic of the four element, fire, earth, water and air. The tree however is barren and the branches are cut off before their time. This is representative of Electras father, Agamemnon as he was murdered but similarly because his family line is no more, he can no longer incur any more children to pass on his name.The door is old and decaying which represents Electras family as its slowly locomote apart, however it also establishes a huge divide between the inside and outside, essentially creating two set forth worlds. These two worlds represent places of oppression. The characters behave appropriately within the inside world as w ell as by the unspoken rule of the place. The outside is an area where the characters reveal their true colours, nevertheless at the abolish of the play the two worlds collide.The stage itself is in the round, meaning moxie of hearing members are able to see each others reactions, this is effective as it adds a degree of intimacy to the play, but also because the audience is able to see the play but more importantly the characters from every angle creating a sense of vulnerability, as everything is exposed to the viewers eyes. Electra abandons the regal clothes bestowed to her by her mother and completely neglects herself.She is outset presented in a ragged, grey dress, held to purposeher by a leather belts which eventually she takes off, representing the release of the indite up anger, which she has held on to for so long. She is constantly fiddling with her dress and putting it in between her legs, revelation a more immature nature but also that shes ashamed of what makes he r female. During the time that this play was set, women were constantly oppressed and were seen as unable figures, for example Electra wishes both her step father and mother dead.Electra lacks the subject matter to do so, as she is restricted by her gender, which is shown at the end, as despite all of Electras recalcitrant speeches, ultimately her brother Orestes is the one who kills both their mother and step father. She also appears shoeless which suggest that she has unloosend herself from the company system, as an individual without shoes is normally associated with the lower class, however she comes from nobility, which previously was one of the elements that oppressed her, also she is presented with wild hair illuminating a feral nature.Opposingly Electras mother Clytemnestra is presented in regal clothing, and is eternally composed, she tends to move in line rather than curves which Electra moves in. When Electra confronts hers mother, although she holds herself in a str ong position, she can never account her mother, which suggest a strong hatred towards her mother. She cannot even follow the general etiquette that one gives another when conversing, polemically it could also mean that she is still bound by her daughter status, as although shes disowned her mother, she cannot face her as an equal.The actress Kirstin Scott Thomas really emphasizes how the situation has trapped Electra in a terrible stilted adolescence. Her defined features sheeny with hungry, immature naivety, she moves about in her grey shift like the ghost of someone whose life was been allowed to devastate away, permanently on hold. She tortures the audience in a manner of a teenager, through her defiant authoritarianism, percentage the audience as a reminder of what is lost in middle-aged compromises, for example the naivety of youth.And yet, there is not an ounce of nostalgia in her performance. When she is finally reunited with her brother Orestes she gives way to an unboun d joy, as if all her issues are now resolved. Far from their being any hints of incestuous affection in this encounter between these long-lost siblings, Scott Thomass Electra presses her trespass to parts of his body and snuffles up his smell like a wild animal trying to get its bearings. This and her rapid U-turn into optimism brings a deliberate comical note to the gathering doom.In conclusion, the overall production was impressive, from Scott Thomass indulgently neurotic performance, which give us a first impression of an independent women who sets herself free from the previous ties and status which has oppressed her for so long from speaking up about her fathers death, however Scott Thomas slowly reveals to the audience that Electra has been maddened by grief for so long, it has trapped in an disillusioned adolescence, to the in the round stage which enables the audience to emphasis with Electra, as it adds a degree of vulnerability, as everyone is visible from every angle you look at them, from the play to the surrounding audience.

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Self Esteem Essay Example for Free

Self Esteem EssayThe term self-importance-esteem comes from a Greek word kernel reverence for self. The self part of self-esteem pertains to the appraises, beliefs and views that we hold about ourselves. The esteem part of self-esteem describes the value and worth that one gives oneself. Simplistically self-esteem is the acceptance of ourselves for who and what we atomic number 18 at any given time in our exits. It is very important be bm it affects how you think, act and even how you relate to other people. It allows you to live life to your potential. There are two sides of self esteem Low self esteem and last self esteem. What is low self esteem?Low self esteem baseborns poor confidence and that also causes negative thoughts which mean that you are likely to give up easily rather than face challenges. In addition, it has a hire bearing on your happiness and wellbeing. Low self esteem comes from a poor self simulacrum. Yourself image is based on how you see yourself. Do you think you are a good, reliable, hardworking, honest or social person? Do you like what you see when you look in the mirror or do you conceive others look better and dress better than you? Low self esteem feeds your negative thinking and causes you to hope the criticism others make of you.Do you take what others say and not speak up? This nookie cause you to lose confidence so it is vital to end negative thoughts if you want to build your self esteem. On the other hand, high self esteem is the opposite of low self esteem. If you have a high level of self esteem you will be confident, happy, highly motivated and have the right attitude to succeed. Therefore, when we are happy about ourselves, not caring about what people say about us, we live a happier life, a healthier one, a more successful one Best of all, we live in peak performance.Happier lifestyle comes from within, it enables happy and relaxed cells, and it controls stress. Happy cells lead to a prolonged life exp ectancy which office extended period to lead an even happier life What a great attribute if you can hardly come to terms with who you are, regardless of whatever any person says about you. Remember life is also short to live by other people? s opinions and reflections. It is said that, No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

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The Role of Project Manager Essay Example for Free

The Role of Project Manager EssayNowadays, with the development of witness management, learn success has been defined clearly. A definition of flip success from Lock is that if the hurl finish on time, within budget and in thoroughly quality, the vomit up is considered as a boffo compute (Lock, 2007). However, our reason about the region of fancy manager is unclear. Different people hold various view full stops about it. fit to Lewis, people birth a vague understanding of what is the role of contrive manager, because a majority of project managers argon promoted from another(prenominal) jobs such as engineers or technologists and so on (Lewis, 2007). Some individuals consider that the role of the project manager is to command and sub payable. Is it enough for a project manager who is as a wiz point of responsibility (Burke, 2007) to manager a project? Definitely, the answer is no. How much imprimatur do project managers exactly have? Firstly, let us about the j ob of project managers and their authority. Being a project manager is a difficult task, because the responsibility of them is heavy, but they are just given teeny-weeny authority.Kerzner said that in typical organizations, it is a common phenomenon that project managers request permissions to control come with resources from pass on management. Additionally, the blood amidst project manager and grade manager is more like a copartner relationship rather than a rank relationship. In some way, project manager services for the aura manager, because line manager hold the uses rights of company resources. Project manager, therefore, have no capital to control and command line manager.In most cases, when some issues occur or some decisions are waiting for determining, project managers transact with line manager rather than control and command. (Kerzner, 2001, p. 9) From the position of project manager in organizations and the relationship between project manager and line manager, we push aside see that even thought as whizz point of responsibility, project manager has limited authority, which means that the role of project manager is to command and control is inadequate. Actually, Project managers do need to command and control.As I stated above, project manager is answerable for the project, which means that a project manager needs to control the project process for obtaining a successful completion of the project as well as to command the stakeholders to follow the right path to check the project objective. But it is authorized to emphasize that command and controlis a purpose, non a process. hardly like Bull said that there is essential difference between a dictator and a leader, a dictator gives command to people for doing something, but a leader inspires people to let them necessity to do things.The role of project manager should be a leader, non a dictator (Bull, 2010). Lewis alike thought that the biggest part of project managers job is deal ing with people. Even though project manager has kinda little authority, it is not zero (Lewis 2010). Therefore, for project managers, the biggest challenge should be how to your limited authority effectively. To optimize the use of the authority, project managers need to build their leadership.Instead of using your authority to build your leadership, project managers should use their people skill which involves personality, management skill and intercourse skill. (Lewis, 2007, p. 27) So, command and controlis a purpose, not a process. Which means that project manager should be a leader, not a dictator. More important thing than command and control As Lewis said that project managers biggest part of job is to deal with people, so a role of project manager should be parley coordinator (Lewis, 2007).According to Jha, 90 percent of project managers working hours are occupied by communication time, so it is obvious that it is pivotal for project managers to have a sound communicati on skill (Jha, 2010). More importantly, a project managers communication skill strongly impact on the outcome of the project. Verma emphasized that during a project life cycle, communication problems should be paid close attention, because such communication problems may create conflicts, disagreement, and misunderstandings. Many projects failure is due to those communication problems.Therefore, it is a total disaster for a project which has a project manager with a poor communication skill. Effective communication can create good relationship, trust and motivation which can help project managers to obtain supports from different individuals in the project. From this standpoint, because of the importance of communication in the project environment, a project manager role should be identified as a communication coordinator which requires a good communication skill (Verma, 1996). Other role of project manager The job of project manager is not an easy one.It is not just simply to comma nd and control. Just as Kerzner said in his book, proviso is a primary part of project managers job, a good project plan enables the whole project to operate perfectly. In order to do this, a project manager should have a good management skill which involves risk management, cost management, time management and quality management. However, perfect project plans are rare, because there are many uncertainties during a project life cycle (Kerzner 2001). In this point, the role of project manager should be a plan agency.Although project managers have no right to control the company resources, they must plan them in order to accomplish the ultimate success of the project. Conclusion As single point of responsibility (Burke, 2007), project managers shoulder heavy burdens. Project managers need to control the process of project and command the involved people such as functional employees for meeting the projects objective. However, the authority of project managers is quite limited, so in most cases, project managers need to ask for permissions from top management to control the resources, and name with line mangers to make a decision.Because of a lack of authority, having a good communication skill is crucial for project managers. One the one hand, it can create good relationship between project managers and other stakeholders. On the other hand, it is a key for project managers to become a leader. Moreover, project managers job is not easy. Planning is a hard and important part of the job. As a result, some people think that the role of manager is to control and command is inappropriate.

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Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program Essay Example for Free

Kudler handsome Foods Frequent Shopper computer platformme EssayKudler graceful Foods is a local and upscale specialty food store with a hit of four stores in La Jolla, Del Mar, and Encinitas California with their briny launch store in San Diego, California. Each store maintains and sells high quality bakery, pastries, fresh produce, meat, seafood, specialty condiments, packaged foods, cheeses, and dairy products. Kathy Kudler owner and founder of Kudler Fine Foods is looking to expand her comp whatsoever and market her products to new prospective clients, along with improving her services to her current clientele. Since the commencement day of Kudler Fine Foods in June 1998 the business has become sustainable and profitable. Ten years later Kathy wants to work through a snitch shoppers program non only to reward her current loyal customer base but likewise to draw in new clientele.Installing a business carcass for this possibility would allow Kudler the ability t o track purchasing patterns of individual customers. This would give the comp any a better instinct of what products argon sellers and what products do not move or sell as fast. Alternatively this would give customers the prospect to receive points from their past purchases geared toward rewards products. According to the Kudlers sales and marketing departments research this type of system exit increase revenue and cost reduction for Kudler. Kudler identifies that knowing exactly what the customers purchasing habits, supply needs, and preferences are would enable Kudler to purchase only what will be sold. Therefore, it will stop Kudler from stocking on items that do not sell and are not attractive to the customer. Kudler has different types of options on how they could advertise the new shoppers program. Because these types of programs are commonplace inwardly any market, Kudler needs to develop a complete database system, with including current and former customers.This databa se is used specifically for advertising of the new program and data collection of sales. Kudler would need to update or create a new website to add this new program and help customers understand the benefits of registering for the program. Legally Kudler needs to lenify within the boundaries set up for E-commerce. The rules for online business and e-mail advertisement are very far-reaching some of which include an opt-out joining that allows any consumer to stop receiving e-mail advertisements. This must be easily viewable and verifiable to the recipient for online email advertisement. Electronic contracts are legal and binding along with electronic signatures, these forms of agreements must have legal disclaimers evident for the customer to read. These are just a few of many other legal ramifications that Kudler would need to check up on and consider before moving forward.Ethical ruminations are also brisk to both the customers and Kudler Fine Foods when implementing the sho ppers program. both customers who register with Kudlers shoppers program understand that all personal information given to Kudler will not be given or sold to another company without the express approval of the customer. Kudler has to take into consideration that registration online has to be implemented with the highest aegis software on the market. Protection of sensitive data is vital to the success of any online purchases or programs. Pornographic material and anything refereeing to pornography is prohibited by law. Breaches of contractual agreements are also considered unethical. Therefore, Kudler must have strict policy and procedures in place to alleviate any of the above issues.This would keep Kudler ethically stable and help with any other issues that will come into light. The main understanding that Kudler Fine Foods would have to embrace is that the company is fully responsible for what is placed on their website and also what they are offering to their customers as an incentive. Kudler Fine Foods has to identify within the scope of this project the development of the frequent shoppers program specific security measures. The main initiative is to secure private data and deter any unauthorized access. The main and formidable issue here is that the Frequent Shoppers Program will enable Kudler Fine Foods to still make a profit. The return on the investment with this new program has to exceed its fiscal cost factor to stay viable. The stores have to identify other cost saving measures for this program to stay solvent for years to come.Keeping up to day records in a management system will also help save time and money while understanding where money is spent and where it is saved. drop in the Shoppers program will take considerable money to start with. The long-term gain if managed properly can make Kudler Foods more lucrative in the future. Managing the marketing and advertising expenses must be a number one precedentity along with investing in up grades of the website and possible market research.Concluding this program will rely on reports regarding expenditures, which should be collected over a period several prior years. This will give Kudler a baseline for future gains or losses. This will also let Kudler Fine Foods see if the program is profitable from each succeeding year. Gains and losses, extreme scrutiny and constant tweaking of the program its website and security infrastructure will have to be made in order for this program to be a success.ReferenceApollo Group, I. (2007, 2010, 2011). Kudler Fine Foods. Retrieved November 26, 2012, from Sales and Marketing https//ecampus.phoenix.edu/secure/aapd/cist/vop/Business/Kudler2/intranet/marketing-overview.asp

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Life In Nazi Germany Essay Example for Free

Life In Nazi Ger gl accompany actIt was a lovely daylight in Hamburg Ger more peck argon doing their own work and the children ar tending at school. It was an intermediate day in Ger many another(prenominal). There was equality in different kinds of multitude. Religion and refining is non issue to bulk documentation in this state. It was February 1, 1933 in Hamburg Germany. The story of my t genius story that was dream became a historical nighttimem ar to community living in this awk struggled. splendid German are the highest and royalty living in Germany. And Jews are the low class in the state they were being set a slope of the Germany federation. I am Herbert David and this is a story of my life when this historical struggle began. I remember it was yesterday, a 13 year sr. boy skinny, fair complexion analogous other German child, t each and Acherontic hair. I desire spending my succession reading book more or less heroic sol slip byrs and playing my aircraft shroud. I go to school and go to Church either Sunday. Some times, i well(p) fool close to with my 2 friends Randy and Ryan. They were my ruff of friends in my hometown. My beginners name is Micael whos a professional teacher inform history downtown. He is t in whole, relentless hair and he loves to teach children rough the freedom of choice. My commence is a very kind and angelical to children. He doesnt push my sister and i to a current involvement that we dont indirect request to do. My becomes name is Julie who a home striker is preparing the needs of the family. A simple suffer making real that everyone is in good health. I own two sisters namely Julianna, six years old the youngest in the family. She loves hugging everyone and grooms each of the family members to smile everyday. Rachel ten year old who loves my mothers cooking and by come active she necessityed to assume cooking because she loves eating a lot. My two best friends Randy lov es writing astir(predicate) his feeling in a way of poetry and writing fictional stories that talks ab let out life his a Judaic want to be a professional writer. Ryan in the other hand loves to play his favorite shoot on aircraft and wants to be a professional pilot when he grows up. While for me, I salutary want to be my father who teaches in school sharing experiences in life and relent my thoughts to the young hoi polloi who en religious belief be the adjoining in line in life. Providing my family what they demand and make my father proud that I take his footstep as a teacher. I love children because I look at two lov dedicate sisters. And I want to be a good example to them and make my family proud of me.Randy, Ryan and I were down the stairs the tree near in my household sharing each the thoughts and dreams when we grow up. We were laughing in Ryans jokes around having a family both(prenominal)day. And I dont want to deal a family yet I merely want to make m y family proud in what my goal is. My two friends and I went to home its almost time for supper and my mother is yelling its time for supper so we had to be separate ways and wave goodbye to each other. My simple life in Germany changed when my family and I heard the recents in the radio. A new Chancellor is designated in the country. Germany is a nation that is its history neer experience in democracy. This state is in great depression with not profuse feed and tidy sum were jobless. The new chancellors name Adolf Hitler he is also called the Nazi party as the Fuhrer. Like a god they are marching and shouting hail to the fuhrer as they welcome Adolf in the new position he was assigned. At premier(prenominal) he didnt promise any thing he utter he doesnt want to make cheap promises and later part as he encounterd Germany in his second speech he said I allow employ my force-out for the welfare of the German. My Father was apprisal me that time that people are poor beca use of the promises of the previous chancellors. They make promises exactly because of the personal inhalation they set aside the people to employ those were jobless. Adolf Hitler as I hypothesize blocking change all of it and make Germany a better military position for people who live in it. My family was doubtful to this new Fuhrer honourable now for my side i was euphoric imputable to Adolfs promise and a impinging moment that he will not make cheap promises. I was amaze to this person that he wants to organize the nation as one. How amazing thinking that people will not be thirsty(p) and people keep up jobs to come through the peoples needed.But time passes by and Hitlers promises changed to built new host and weapons. I was shocked when my friend randy and his family were taken away by the storm cavalrymans. The ordinance is to prison all the Jewish people because they were not pure race as Germans. His father was beating to death and mental beating. The soldi er is telltale(a) Randys father how to put the rope if he wants to protrude his self. Randys father replied i pose a family and I will not kill myself because you want me to do the soldier only if gave the blimp and pretzel and left the father in the concentration camp. They were release after a year the Jewish and the companionable diplomat. But time passes by and Hitlers promises changed to build the new troops of his own and weapons for the country. A dictatorship and army was the 1stin Hitlers priority before the people. It was a extensive destruction in Germany as Hitlers read/write head became demonic and ambitious. It was April 1, 1933, the stores of the Jews ostracize by the storm troopers of Hitler. They said it was the will of the Fuhrer and it must be done. But the boycott was ended for a day. I was a kid knowing how Adolf ruined a simple set out to a nightmare. take down the books of Jews were burned by the storm troopers the other army was disgusted what t he storm trooper did. They redden killed 800 Jews the night of the Broken Glass were Jewish building was bombed.The goernment was changed when Paul von Hindenburg was assigned Adolf Hitler as one of the chancellor. One of Hitlers comrade Joseph Goebbels wrote in his diary By appointing Hitler Chancellor of the Reich you have handed everywhere our sacred German Fatherland to one of the greatest demagogues of all time. I prophesy to you this evil man will plunge our Reich into the abyss and will inflict immeasurable woe on our nation. Future coevals will curse you in your grave for this action.And it was true Adolf rule Germany as his comrade predicted. Adolf Hitler peradventure a dictator besides he did come up to employ people they called it employment hop-skip by opening an autobahn in Germany. concourse havent felt the inflation slowly rise nevertheless they didnt mind. Germany was everyplace in Adolf Hitlers hand and as for my opinion I dont want to stay Hitler in the p osition of view the state because there were no more peace in the country people are putting to death people and there no more equality in to it. I as German should be with German friend not half race analogous my friend randy. I was disconsolate more or less what happen to Randy and his family they were hiding to the Nazi.How his father was treated by the soldier I was fortunate and Ryan because we were unalloyed German. My family was treated as they were royalty and they were respectable. German People was brain wash as Adolf Hitlers was the Chancellor of Germany. Even the Children were involved in Adolf Hitlers creating a perfect earthly concern in Germany.First, the disable unborn was killed because they dont want in perfect person in their country. They desexualises will write an x in the document of a certain child and they will inject methyl to kill the unborn child. But they will put in the document that the child had a certain disease or the child bearnot be unrec orded(p) out-of-pocket to a sickness. After those cleanup spots, the second was the children come along 2 and up that is disabling. The army will talk to a certain family like in Ryans family he has a sister age 5 years old and his mother was in the hospital dropping Ryans sister for treatment barely after an hour the doctor said that Ryans sister died due to a certain sickness. It was so horrible that raze the children were in Adolfs propaganda in his perfect world and perfect people. Ryan and his family notifynot do any thing because if we disobey the fuhrer we might be killed or abandoned in my country. Ryans father was a German soldier he was telling me that when they oath in Adolfs Hitler and they were raising their arms he felt that this is no turning punt because when we dis enliven the fuhrer we maybe killed like the bombing of the apartment of the Jewish. He said that we are master race it cerebrates German should rule than others. I called Hitler as the most evil leaders in the world because of what he did to my country and my friends. He treated the other race like a excellent little ant that he seat squash it. He maybe created a new German revolution but its nightmare to my childs eye and for the people in Germany. I was scared and turn down my belief to Hitlers vision for Germany. Its sad that this intelligent man preserve do all the horrible things like this. Discriminating and making Germany subscribe to his own ambitious way. Adolf Hitler gave employment by opening the Autobahn but yet his visions to rein other borders are destroying Germany and peoples lives. They were dying because they danger their lives sightly to curb what the fuhrer wants to take other countries.I talked to my father regarding of my studies. I was petition permission to my father that if I finish my studies I will join the army as like Ryans dream becoming a pilot in Germanys army. My father at first was furious about I was going to join in the army. He s aid if i want to live and fulfil my sister alive I should be with them taking care of them. I was telling me many German armies died because of Hitlers ambition in Germany.But i told my father not to be bothered just trust in my idea. I want to join German army to change for the better. I want to befriend but not killing people that is not my race. I want to change for the better for Germany and my family. I want to protect my family because I heard from other people even German races kills because they disobey the will of the Fuhrer.I want to protect my mother and my two sisters to this evil man. And changed it for the better I maybe habiliment a German uniform but it dont mean Im a follower of the fuhrer. I will use my power as German army to dish out people that are discriminated the other German army, dont know how will I can change Germany in my own way but Ill try to change the system by doing good deeds in a small way.If ever I overtake well-nigh Jewish and maltreated b y my comrades i will help the Jew and not discriminate the person as what I heard and proverb before. I maybe a child as of know but hopefully in my goal I will provide the changes of the system of the government in a small way first. After that I will be a soldier as Ryans father to protect people not the government. I didnt finish my studies due to the problem of the country. Jews were taken away and there was no equality. I decided to join the army. Though I really want is to teach but the fuhrer wants that all pure German man must obey to join the army because of some soldiers were dying in warship. My sister Julianna joined in this group called the amazons. They are displaying their nude bodies to the German officials and guest of the fuhrer. As my observation its just a feast for the look of the guest. They said they do the pageant because they were displaying what god created so women are naked. Pure German Women can still married the German Man because of Hitlers ambitio us of a perfect nation. Its a celebration for women to display their naked bodies equitation horses. They were called Madam as a higher class woman. I was brassing at my sister but I cant do anything for her. If I disobey Hitler I will be groundless the next day or even shot that day of the event. All I can do is look at my sister and in side my conscience I was furious and mad. I dont want what Im visual perception it because men where having pleasured by eyes expression at my sisters naked eubstance. I must focused and just to forget that event. After the event, fireworks were displayed in the sky but they didnt mind the fireworks but the women that have been displayed awhile ago. People were praising Hitler because he was taking over Germany.I was in the German Sixth Army Forces in early months of 1941. Hitlers objectives to other borders were have direct access to the Middle East and be able to have the military capability to sweep Northward behind Soviet lines to Moscow. It was bloody war with the German army and the Russia in that year. I was scared for myself giving my life to Hitler that he just thinks of his ambition to the Germany.I reminisce when I was a kid that all I want to is to become a teacher and a soldier just to changed the rules in Hitlers era I was wrong how can I help the people if Im here fighting another border just to please the Fuhrer.My commander General Friedrich Paulus was the one leading the army for Hitlers presents. We were carried to the borders of Moscow and Leningrad. It was called the Operation of Barbarossa. In spend of 1942 the main target was the oil fields of the Caucasus to gain the full mobility if we can gain the oil resources. and so a report came in the Hitlers changed his mind and he ordered us that part of the army will have to occupy to siege of Stalingrad. To divert the antiaircraft gun Hitler derelict the Caucasus Campaign that has a good chance of the army to win.In August 23, 1942 precisely 1800 hours thousand of airplanes drop bombs on Stalingrad. In that urban center there were 600,000 people. Stalingrad was heavily hit by air attack one raid of 600 planes expounded enormous fires and killed 40,000 civilians. We reached the Volga and Stalingrad and the Soviet and the German fought for a long, we were bulging house to house battle for the city. Occupied Russian was fervent it was in the street and factory building was still point of viewing but destroyed.We won the territory my commander was over-whelming about the result using the fire power. We won that day and stay for the night some of the soldiers were hurt in the fight we have the medical but it will not last for long because the next day we were ordered to take down Stalingrad. To smash the enemy forces intense. Occupy the town and block the land communication theory between Ron and the Volga.It was a long urban shred strung out along the west depository financial institution of the Volga. Hitler was really determin ed to capture the major manufactured center and the communications system of the southern Russia. We were happy and rummyen because as we know we settle the borders of Stalingrad. Some are jumping in the trucks, playing express organs and shouting like madmen. I was drunk and yet Im not that well-to-do because I was thinking of my family in Hamburg. I was exhausted and seeing some of my associate was killed because of this. I was drunk not because of the war but forgetting the dreadful memories of the associates that was killed in this war. It was flashing back they were crying for help some lost their fingers because of the fight or even their legs. I just lie down in the avenue and just close my eyes.The next day, war started all over. Russian attempts to annihilate the German armies between the Rivers of the mount and the Volga. The commander of the Soviet gives a note to the Soviet armies to not turn back in the German Army. Its a battle of two borders and we were fighting for Hitler. We were shouting hail Adolf We were killing lots of Soviet armies but they were estimated by 1 million men. November 19 the massive assault, under General Zhukov attacked in German flanks. Within 5 days they had executed a pincer group that 250,000 to 300,000 Germans and satellite serviceman.Hitler forbade Commander Paulus from attempting to violate out to the German location was hopeless. The Russian Climate added to our worries because it is very chilly in the border. Some of my march we slowly froze and we ran out of ammunition. I was terrified because I maybe the next to my troops grave. We were starved because of wish in food so my commander said that those who cannot battle will not provide food and starved them to death just to survive in the border.And for those who are still can fight will take the rations I was in the side of can fight and I can see the eyes of those who are wound the pain and the hunger. They were crying and asking for food and medical att ention but were in the battlefield and Hitler didnt give any supplies to support the armies. The supplies were dropping an average of 70 tons of supplies end-to-end December.The needed minimum of the supplies we needed is 300 tons a day so we leave out of supplies so some of the wounded troops are dying because my commander is letting them die due to lack of food. We were put on 1/3 rations and began to kill other troops that is useless and even the horses we kill and eat because of starvation. By December 7 my troops and I were living on one masturbate of Bread for every five men.January 30 1943, Adolf Hitler promoted to Paulus to Field the Marshall and sent him a message reminding that no German Field Marshal had ever been captured. Hitler was distinctly suggesting to my commander to commit suicide but he declined and the following day surrenders. The last of the German surrendered on the secondof February. The Battle for Stanlingrad was over. Over 91,000 men were captured and a further 150,000 had died during the siege my friend Ryan was been in the numbers who died in Stanlingrad. He was in the plane when the Soviet Union crashes his plane and ended his life.My commander was taken custody by the Soviet at first he hesitate to cooperate but when he heard that his friends will be executed he participate to make an appearance in the Nazi political platforms. He told to the government officials to disobey Adolf Hitlers commands. When Hitler watches the broadcast he orders Paulus family to prison.The troops were prisoner force to march to Siberia. About 45,000 died during the march and the prisoners in the war camps and only if about 7,000 survived the war. Actually nobody knows what really the rates of the people died in Stalingrad Patriotic War. The Soviet Government never did release accurate casualty figures from the war. Some post-Soviet Russians have stated that Chuikov spent over one million soldiers lives to hold the city, but that take on is alm ost certainly exaggerated. It was claim that Stalingrad was the bloodiest battle in world history.The soldiers of 6th Army who had been promised food and shelter by the Russians were not so fortunate. The Russians kept about 20,000 of them to remain as forced labor in Stalingrad to work at make the city they destroyed. We were slave after the boil down of the 6tharmy in Stalingrad. I was so grim what my government done to us just to please Hitlers ambitious ways.The rest were dispatched to numerous prisoner of war camps scattered from Siberia to Soviet Central Asia. Many died shortly after the surrender from a Typhus plaguey brought about by Lice and the unsanitary conditions experienced during the battle. Many more died of malnutrition, disease and neglect in the several(a) prison camps run by the Soviets. Of the 90,000 who surrendered with Paulus, only 5,000 men survived to return home to Germany. Many of these men were held wrapped the longest by the Russians, as their rele ase wasnt finally secured by W. German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer until 1955.After my troops and I was release in prison i went to home in Hamburg, Germany to see my family. I had a wounded leg and it has to be cut so they have to cut my one leg. When i went home, all the structures of homes were destroyed. Bodies of men and women was all over the place and blood shed in each home. I when to see my home and so my home was destroyed i knee led and cry in trend of the house. Asking god wherefore do they have to be dead i suffered enough all i want is to be home with my family.Then after crying and crying, my little sister rustle down beneath. She said a little help here. There was a admittance, it was the cellar i forget that we have a hiding place down beneath the house. I Budge the door and reach my little sister. I was crying and hugging her never realized the pain in my leg. And Rachel and my father was helping my mother to get out the cellar. They were dirty and with bloods. My little sister, Julianna whispered Thank god your alive I was hugging my parents and my two sister. Rachel told me they hatch when the Nazi army was inform by the other German that i was a traitor so they come to my house to kill my family. They were inform about it and hide under ground. The Nazi bomb the house with a tanker and fortunately they were in side the cellar. The Nazi troops thought they were all dead.I survived in the war unfortunately I was a rafter because the doctor has to cut my leg due to the severe damage of my leg because of the war. My life changes when I have 1 leg and its hard to think that I have to use cycle head for the rest of my life. In my seven years in the army I realize so many things that sometimes life is unfair for the people who followed Adolf Hitler for the reason that the fuhrer who once a leader never stand back in his own people.He let the people suffered and then follows dead due to this ambition of taking the country and the order coun try just for his own self and his followers. I cut many things in my seven years in the army and it was horrifying and bloody. It seems that I didnt take the hazard to take stand what I believed. I just followed and silent all the years I was in the troops.To my troops were in great pain, they were crying even though they were men. They dont want to die but they just followed what Hitler said to them. They take orders and they risk their lives to please what the fuhrer wants. Its sad to think that they all died just because of a one person. A person that it was considered as the most evil man in the world he wanted to have a perfect country but he created massive destruction and bloody war in each part of the world. He never thinks for his countrymen but just his self and his idea of a perfect country. I dont have my family they died in the war I was left alone after the war.My Family and I migrate in the United States and live as a American citizen. We were just an ordinary peop le living in San Diego California. My father who takes care of my mother because of the traumatic experience. My father stop for a while teaching because no one can take care of my mother. He never talks about the Nazi nor Hitler. In my way of thinking my father doesnt want to talk about the event because we had lots of pain and its time for the healing process and forget about it. He may never tells us but we can feel what he mean even with out advanceing anything.My mother cant speak due to the cut of her tongue by a Nazi soldier. They were prison in their house and the Nazi soldier thought that they cannot escape but my father told my mother and my two sister to go under the cellar. Fortunately before the tanker attack they were inside the cellar. The Nazi though they were dead and after that they just heard people screaming and beg for help. My sister Rachel so everything that the Nazi troops killing and shooting people in head. They were shot to dead and sometimes like a dee r they just shot in a long range. They were shouting Hail Hitler Hail to the fuhrer and shoot their guns to people. My sister was covering Juliannas ears so she cannot hear was going on out side. They were crying inside the cellar. My mother was traumatize and never speak that day. My sister Rachel was strong and brave so she was taking it in her self.Im pursuing what I really like and teaching children. I have been a teacher for quiet sometimes. After the war, I pursue my studies and plan for my life and for my family. adjacent my fathers footstep of being a teacher. I was a history teacher teaching grades school students, and hopefully i will get a masters degree in history teaching. I want to shared my experience to people that are not aware to the story of world war 2. cock-a-hoop them the idea how hard to struggle in that era and those who are heroes in that history.By sharing my life they will reflect how they were fortunate to live in a free world country. How it is differe nce in living Germany under Hitlers era.How Hitler managed to conquer Germany by using military strategy. And discriminating the other races except the Pure German races. How he kills all the civilians and sacrificing it with out any regrets or pity to the countrymen.Today, it is a calm environment no more massive killings and inequality even we have different cultures and raises. When I was I boy all I want is give change the better of my country but I was wrong of defending Hitler and joining his army. I thought in my mind that this man could change my poverty in Germany but I have felt the terror and horrifying things that in my mind until I die I will carry the experiences. The people are killed because they are not the same as mine. Even my best friend Randy was in that inequality because he was a Jew. I never saw Randy after that tragic day. How is he or is he alive? One of the civilians told me a story that Randy was killed in the final solution because he was trying to sav e his family. My heart was shattered because my best friends were all dead and Im still here in this earth facing the reality in life.In those seven years, I realized that in life we cannot predict what will happen to us. We will never know if tomorrow were still alive? The learning in this historical nightmare is to appreciate every individuals and life. We have to stand what we really believe if you know your right. In Hitlers era, he ruled the people as military government and as for today there is a big difference in it. I have the freedom of choice and no one can tell me what is right or wrong believes. My Randy died because of the wrong perspective in races and religion of the army troops His family was killed in the holocaust because they were Jewish. The holocaust is were Adolf Hitler put the Jewish Family and kills them inside the train. Those who survived told me that Randy was shot in the head because he tried and true to save his parents. His parents was in gas chambers and by using a toxicant gas they were killed for about fifteen minutes. I cannot do anything because i will be killed if i also help them. I was to scared to stand up what i have believed when i was a children. As that event i cant and scared for myself and for my family. The difference of the Jewish cause lots of people dead in a instant. Because of Hitlers ambition to be all perfect the people also suffered and died. That Germany is for thee German people. Hitler brainwash the German telling that Jewish is poison in the country. He make believed that Germans are the highest and royalty in the country. This man was the evil man i ever known how he kills the people but not killing in his own hands. The blood shed was all over the country and the massive killing didnt stop but a lot of events in this black era had died in a horrifying death. When we left Germany we never regrets that we are no more in that country. I was pleased that my family and i left the country and start in Un ites States. My sister, Rachel is in San Diego California High school and Julianna is in grade school. And Im working at the grade school down town. My life change because some of the horrifying when i was in the army was so humiliating for me i was obeying the most evil man in the world way back in the world war two.He even concluded in the holocaust those who are homosexuals, Gypsies and even Communists that just want to express their rights. While in the united states the people gives ideas in their own ways. They can write their beliefs, shout out the road and protest all day want. In my times, they were killed by poison in the chamber or shot to death. But in the new country i was stunned that how people are expressive in their own rights. Having the right choice and choose what ever you want to say. Opportunity to speak wants in each in our minds and protecting the human life as well. I reminiscing what happen then until today, and before i was a nightmare to my family and th e people that lived in Germany in the serviceman War II. I was more aware to the people around me. I respect the people even though they are not like German races. It doesnt matter what religion or culture or decision we have but the important is respecting every person. In my family perspective like my father, he just wants to lived normal ordinary citizen and give my mothers attention. Because my mother cant speak no more. It so pity looking his wife like that while he is normal. My mothers eyes just have tears every time my father help him to eat. My mother was paralyzed due to the explosion when they hide in the cellar. She cannot speak nor shine her feet. My sister and i knew that my fathers affection will help my mothers recovery and give a new start for my family and I. I was teaching children but i am a handicap using a wheel chair sometimes i just cant forgive Hitler and ask what he had done to me. I cannot walk like before all i want before is toteach children and have a n ordinary life. A life that was taken for me to the naughty age of world war II. As for now, i just go with my own life and pursuit my goal. Teaching Children and have my degree in Education in history. I want to explore life and tell stories about the Dark Age of Hitlers reign in Germany. I am setting my mind that even though Im a handicap and has a dark memories i can still change young adults mind to appreciate their lives and know their rights as a human being. Teaching them that sometimes life is unpredictable and learned for the mistakes that we have than in the past. And Even like is so unfair we have to strive and fight for our lives. My family and I were helping each other by everyday session what we feel and what happen this past few days. We were bonding for giving affection to each other that telling each other that stand as a family a therapy for the souls to heal the wounded hearts. Give each other support in times of remembering the bad experiences that we had in th e world war II. Protecting one another to escape in the tragic moment of the family. Its sad to see my family especially my mother cry every time she hear a gun shot in the Television. She was traumatize and we want her to realized that the war is over. We just hug her every time she feels she was in the salute of the Dark Age of Hitler. My little sister Julianna just hug mother ever time my mother cries. She will say Dont cry mama we here and were still alive. We will not stop harming you. Then hug with tears my little sister. We know its hard to forget the horrific experience but were still trying to fight it how painful it is. We maybe faces the stage of recovering but the help of the new friends in the united states i think we can face and can heal the pain. Time could only tell when will my family and I can ever recover because the experiences are to scary to imagine. One night i was dreaming my troops who died in the war they were crying for help and begging to save them. It shifted when i saw my two best friends Randy and Ryan under the tree near in my old house in hamburg Germany they we fictionalization in the grass the surrounding were all black but i can see the tree that we always hanging out when we were a kid. They were not moving they just lying in the tree with their eyes closed. The background sound was the bombs, shot of a gun and the stomping of feet.I was just looking but not moving in my place. Then one Russian was holding a big sword he cut my one leg and hold my cut leg and just laughing loudly. I screamed with the pain i saw. Then Randy scream that he cannot move his body and he cannot breath. He was begging me to help him but i cant move my feet. I was in the ground sitting in with my blood. I was crying for help. Ryan was asking for help. He said help usPls Help us. And i heard a plane coming to Ryans place and saw how the plane release a bomb through air and pointed in Ryan and Randys place and i shouted No. My sister Rachel wok e me up and saying that Im just dreaming. I was crying in her shoulder that i told what i dreamed. She said that i cannot forgive myself in what happen to my friends and troops. I was devastated that night that whole night i talk to my sister Rachel about what i feel. I was crying so hard that asking why did my friends died? I cannot except how a tragic event will haunt me every day in my life. I just when to church with my family praying for a piece of mind. We pray for the people that died in that dark age of Hitler. My little sister Julianna lit up a candle for the children that have died in the world war and the rest of the family pray for the peace of the soul who died while protecting their family. After going to church, we went to the park for a picnic with the rest of the people who survived and left Germany. There was the a lot of family migrated after the down fall of Hitler. We were the survivors of the wars, In battlefield and in the holocaust. They were sharing their li ves how they suffer and how they did survived in Hitlers era. We were eating while we were talking about the great stories. Their was a lady sharing her story and showing in her risk the number. The number of her risk show that she was a victim of the holocaust. How she was separated with his father and hiding in her mothers skirt. Children were taking away from their parents and killing them by poison gas. Because the friends of Hitler said that we kill the old adults but the younger ones must the first to be killed because they can be a hindrance someday in Hitlers plans. The Lady said she was escaped by the help of her mother she run for her life but never see her mother and her 3 siblings anymore. A striking in my flesh how this lady lost her family and can talk about the death of her family. She maybe realized to be strong and be dependent to herself because she was left alone not like me, i lost my friends and troops but i have still have my family alive and even i dont have m y other leg i still have my family to be there whenever i needed comfort. Those people that was victims of the Dark era was sharing their experiences while we were eating together in the park. My family was happy that they were alive and sharing the moments.I was thinking that my family has an extension a large family for those who were victims of the Hitlers era. A large community for people who were victims and sharing their live to each other to healed each others heart. I talk to my father and have a great idea. I told my father what if we build an organization for us to help people that is victims of discrimination and inequality. Those who was survived in the war and for the present those who were discriminated by other people. At first my father hesitated because we dont have enough money to organize a organization. I told my father that the people will help and the citizen in the community will help also if we have a proper exposure. And he agree to it and I open the meeting to the people who was in the picnic. Telling them we can stand for it and help one another. I saw how they shared with out a doubt to one another and by it an organization can be build by starting for the victims of the Hitlers era. I saw my mother tears falls down with her cheeks that in my heart i knew that it is the start of a new beginning for the family and the victims. That my mother will regain her say-so and faith to live in a new stage of her life. I told them that we can start a new life and by the stories we will tell them in schools how we lived in that era and to protect people in abuse and human rights. They were applauding me after i explained what i have planned for the future. After that day, people we going to my house and sharing their lives how they treated when they were in world war II. And my father and my mother was the one listening to each stories. My father gives them advices and moral support. My mother is the one who touches them to realized that they were sympathize in their behalf. My two sister were giving for them and sometimes listen also stories about the victims. We were sharing the lives in my school when i have a history classes that is related to the topic. Giving the children to see that they were fortunate to live with out dictatorship. share-out the lives of the victims changes the lives of my student. They were sympathizing the victims and giving their reaction and i can see in my students eyes that they can see clearly how the world war effect many lives in Germany. Their tears was falling when they heard that even children are killed just because of their culture and their religion. After a month, a blessing came into the victims lives. They were given a place for every memorabilia and pictures of their family to remind the people that in world war many lives was taken and shattered but some people that survived because a hero to give idea that a right to live and freedom to say what you want it to say. My family and I was over whelm to see my student give a special place to the victims and collect memorabilia to the victims and re-arranged it to the walls. Pictures of people who died in the war and most of them are also written names that every student put some personal prayer. When the grand opening of the New Hope Organization people in the neighborhood was attended the event. There was open eyes to them and give some donations for the victims of the war. Some give attention to talk to them every day to heal the survivor in this dark age. And some give their time attention and love to the victims of the war. I was over whelm what they did. My family was helping to the new organization and hopefully we can gathered all the victims of the war not in a certain neighborhood but each country that was victims of Hitlers era. That night we went to bed and i had dream again. Ryan and Randy was wearing white vestments and smiling at me under the tree that was my friends and I hang out when we wer e little. They were waving at me and telling me thank you for the help. I said to them dont thank me i am just an ordinary person that just want to ask forgiveness to them. Randy said dont ask forgiveness because you didnt kill us but life is unpredictable we have to face and be courageous that we are dead. We have to have to abandon something to achieved a certain goal. They were telling me that i help the souls of the forgotten to see the light and to remember them as innocent who died in Hitlers era. After that my two best friends wave and disappeared. I woke up and i saw the four corners of my room. I was happy that even randy and the victims of the war appreciate how the the living victims were cope in the new environment and appreciating that they were heroes in every stories. They maybe death but in the history of Hitlers in human stand a new way of thinking that, we can stand in our own. We have human rights and have the right to choose to be alive in this world. No one can ever take this and by together all the victims and those who are voluntary helping to heal the people can change a new world. Changing the way of those who are not open in the historical dark era. And make a stand to people that Life is a right to live. Adolf Hitler may killed many lives in Germany but again i stand for the victims who live and even they have dark experiences they will stand because of the people surrounds them. A lot was changed and my family gathers the pieces of a happy family i might dont have my other leg or my mother cannot talk for the rest of her life i know and she knows that a big changes when we left Germany and pick the pieces of each others life. The organization will always be in the side of the victims and the death of the innocents. I will be the one who will uplift this vision and became a reality. By the help of people who are willing and open minded in the event. My father supported me to my goals and my vision. I Finish my degree and teaches col lege students in San Diego California. My two sister is studying in where i teach in high school. My mother cant talk but as i can see she cope in her trauma and helping in the victims by listening in their stories. BIBLIOGRAPHYJ and Einsiedel, H., Cassell Military Stalingrad Memories and Reassessments, Wieder,London, 2nd Edition, 2002. WalshS., Simon Schuster Stalingrad 1942 1943, London, 2000. 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