Sunday, April 21, 2019

3G technology features and their impact on the business world Term Paper

3G engine room features and their affect on the business world - Term musical theme ExampleThis paper discusses various features of 3G technology that are generally present in all products and explores the impact of 3G technology on business in the contemporary age. Features of 3G technology The two key features of 3G technology that roughly consumers look forward to are data transfer rate and data security. They and many other features of 3G technology are discussed below Using such devices as cell phones, consumers are able to access the Internet, take heed music, watch movies and make calls 24/7. In order to frequently download large files from Internet, consumers want to grant high data transfer speed, which is a facility that many latest cell phones offer. The security features of 3G technology secure the data and confidential information in the wireless communication system. Most forms of 3G technology bid videoconferencing are compatible with a whole range of internet browsers and platforms. Old concerns of checking the compatibility of the product with the internet browsers lay down been obviated with the use of 3G technology. Videoconferencing can be equally efficiently conducted on a PC, platforms of Linux computing and a MAC. Likewise, plenty can participate in a videoconferencing session from all types of web browsers including Chome, Firfox and Internet Explorer. Similar is the scale with online conversation through cell phones using skype.

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