Sunday, April 7, 2019

Bretagne France Essay Example for Free

Bretagne France EssayBretagne is arrange along Frances northern shore. Bretagne is alike called Brittany and sometimes referred to as little Britain. It is a land of enchantment and wonders. It features baffling coastlines with some of the worlds most breathtaking views. It features more than 4,000 castles and medieval homes. Its an ideal destination for water sports enthusiasts, lovers of fine cuisine and seafood, and anyone fascinated by legends and history. The attractions, weather and scenery, and the fiestas ar what attract people the most. This region is full of numerous world-class museums and historic attractions.One of the best directs to visit while in Brittany is Oceanopolis. It features 50 aquariums from tropical and polar species. The duomo of St. Pierre and St. Paul is one of the last Gothic French cathedrals. The chateau de Combourg is a beautiful castle touch by leafy ve vanquishableery and water. The Grand Phare or Great Lighthouse is as well as a grea t place to visit, being 300 feet high. And finally the musee de la Faience is devoted to the famous pottery. Other fun things to do are outdoor water sports, including sailing, kayaking, surfing and scuba diving.Spa seawater treatments are also available for reposeful purposes. Being close to the ocean, the weather is fairly nice and warm year round. Rain occurs regularly which keeps the countryside green and wooded. Although it rains often, cloudless days are common and sunny in Brittany. In Brittany a common construction and response to people complaining about the rain is En Bretagne, il ne pleut que sur les cons, which literally translates as In Brittany, it only rains on the idiots. This means that if you dont like Brittany, you should leave. Brittany has many festivals and events.They suppose Brittanys culture and energetic music and dance. Some cultural festivals include the festival de Cornouaille, which is a festival that displays Brittanys cultural diversity. Les Filets Bleus celebrates fishing traditions and the Festival du Film Britanniqu previews British films in France. Music festivals are also popular in France. Astropolis is a techno music themed festival celebrated in July. La Route du flap plays pop and rock music. Les Transmusicales is known for showing brand new acts for undiscovered bands. They also have a festival all about activities dealing with the sea.The Fetes Maritimes de Brest is a sailing event that takes place every quaternity years. The next race happens in July of 2012. La Route du Rhum is a transatlantic yacht race which also takes place every four years. The next race will be in November of 2014. Bretagne is a beautiful, interest mix of spectacular coastlines, ancient towns, magical islands and inland woods. With so many attractions and activities you will never get bored. The scenery and weather is unforgettably amazing. The festivals attract many tourists and French people to the area.

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