Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Terrorism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Terrorism - Essay ExampleThough terrorism has been part of various societies of the eyeball for the last several centuries, yet the contemporary world has become the most despondent victim of such obnoxious assaults and threats. The horrible victimization of terrorism of the modern world is partly due to the invention of a la mode(p) dreadful and destructive weapons, techniques and strategies, which has taken the entire world into the awkward clutches of terrorism. Additionally, fast increasing disconnection of hatred and detestation between the cultures, faiths and civilizations is also inviting reddish clashes and appointments on the very face of the earth, and the political government and governments appear to be helpless in combating with this curse even. Consequently, collective measures are being introduced on the concrete foundations of multicultural and inter-faith co-operation to defeat and crush the widespread terrorist nuisance with collective efforts. The theorists, intellectuals and philosophers blame social injustices and inequalities as the root-cause rump the expansion of terrorism in the world. They cite Marxist perspective that declares conflict between haves and haves-not as the byproduct of chaos, confusion and anarchical state of affairs in human societies. The theorists are of the opinion that rejection of granting opportunities, resources and privileges to the developing countries is creating thwarting in the minds of the masses, which always results in the form of violent reaction to the injustices and inequalities observed and promoted by the elite course of instruction of society on the one hand, and the powerful states of the world on the other. Hence, it is social inequalities that give birth to violent struggle against exploitation. Marx lauded the basic premise that the labor was the source of all wealth, and the profit of the capitalist was based on the exploitation of the laborers. The capitalists performed the rather si mple trick of paying the workers less than they deserved, because they received less pay than the assess of what they actually produced in a work period. (Ritzer & Goodman, 200322) The modern terrorism is also the part of the akin political orientation created and implied out of sheer frustration and injustices. The present paper aims to identify the problem of terrorism in the frolicsome of the ideology, claimed and presented by various terrorist organizations, where these groups try to justify their actions and violent attacks against their opponent forces and groups to set the haves-not free from the exploitation of capitalism and imperialism. The groups under analysis including Baader-Meinhof of Germany, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam in Sri Lanka, and Iranian state-sponsored terrorism reveal one and the same motif, which has been analyzed in the following lines 1. GERMANY A. Background and Facts related to Creation of RAF World War I had move a clear and indelible bo undary line between the nations on the basis of their economic position. Consequently, the conflict between the prosperous and poor states started widening to a great extent. The Germans had commenced World War II as revenge against the humiliating terms of Versailles Treaty of 1919, but the War culminated in favor of the capitalist societies, and indeed added fuel to fire in the further demarcation between the rich and poor countries. Consequently, many ultra groups raised their heads as reaction to the growing exploitation prevailing in the imperialistic

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