Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Exploration of The Cultural Challenges that French Companies Face in Essay

Exploration of The Cultural Challenges that French Companies Face in Attempts to Penetrate the Italian market place - Essay ExampleThis study tackles significant considerations of the unique characteristics that the French and the Italian markets respectively have, the latter be the new one to be explored and developed. Such process is very necessary in enact to reckon what effective sales approaches have to be applied in the Italian market. An existing and working marketing scheme in France may not be viable or practicable in Italy. The advert concepts and drives used by the company in France may not gain acceptance from the people of Italy. The This enquiry study is limited to the presentation and exploration of the cultural issues in international marketing within the selected center setting and in concept, theory and exemplifying scenarios. The research will be exhaustive in its conceptual thrust as well as in the material used to substantiate presented arguments, claims, points, ideas and perspectives among other positions. The event objective of this study is to illustrate my skills in the domains of marketing and cross-culture communication as a way of soliciting for cerebrate career opportunities in the U.S.A, Italy or in any English-speaking country. This study has been made in order to be read and understood by American audience. The endeavor is in tandem with the skills acquired during my course majoring in international trade and marketing at ESC Chambery Business School and the MBA pursued at the BMU.

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