Wednesday, May 1, 2019

HY 1110-08F-2, AMERICAN HISTORY I (HY1110-08F-2) Essay - 6

HY 1110-08F-2, AMERICAN HISTORY I (HY1110-08F-2) - Essay ExampleIn the South, non-legislative means were used to intimidate former slaves from integrating into white society. superstar of these groups was the Ku Klux Klan. This group began as a pro-American group, but quickly decided that pro-white American was the real place of their organization.Changes in society in the North were occurred also. The northern abolitionist groups, having achieved their goals, found new topics to focus their energies upon. mate with the religious fervor of the Second Great Awakening, these groups attacked the many ills they saw in society. Specifically, the temperance movement and the womens voter turnout movement became prominent forces for social flip-flop after the Civil War. The status of women in society began to change as well. In the North and South, most members of society of both sexes felt that a womens primary responsibility was to her family and within her own home (Clinton 1999). B ut a growing number of women believed that this primary responsibility should non prevent them from enjoying the same civil liberties as men, especially in regards to voting. Womens voices began to be heard in more prominent ways after the civil

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