Friday, May 31, 2019

Shortage of Physicians In Canada Essay examples -- Health Care, Anesth

Introduction to the IssueBy 2056 it is expected one in four Canadians depart be 65 years or older, compared to 13 per cent currently. This will put a huge strain on the countrys health care system (Macleans, 2008 p.2). The time to come of Canadas health care system is at great risk due to its aging population. This is triggering a shortage of physicians, particularly anesthesiologists, in some provinces of Canada (Canadian care for Journal, 2007). Anesthesiologists are specialist physicians who provide critical care to patients in a physical body of health programs operative anesthesia for patients in all surgical subspecialties, nifty pain management, procedural anesthesia, obstetrical care, and high-risk medical management, chronic pain management, resuscitation, advanced airway management, and critical care (Intermountain Healthcare, 2011). The current shortage of anesthesiologists is significantly impacting price of admission to care in each of these health specialties. Thi s paper will address how the lack of foresight in government policies is worsening the shortage of anesthesiologists in Canada. It will discuss how the implementation of electronic health records, formulation of policies which will improve retention and recruitment particularly in rural areas and Challenges in Health gentlemans gentleman Resource Policy and Planning Long Wait Times for SurgeriesThe Canadian health care system promises universality, portability, and accessibility unfortunately, it faces political challenges of meeting public demand and demands to make quality improvements in health care. Canadian patients face barriers to gaining access to clinicians and facilities and face longer arrest times/delays for surgeries. Many patients endure excessive wait times resulting in... ...ills required to practice and to obtain a license in Canada. This process will include written and oral examinations, as well as a clinical discernment. International Medical Graduates who p ass the assessment with satisfactory results, can apply to the College of Physicians and Surgeons to determine their eligibility for conditional registration. And, if they dont pass the assessment additional training by the Faculty of Medicine will be given in order to meet the licensing requirements. This policy would help provinces of Canada increase the number of qualified foreign anesthesiologists, which will help increase the supply of anesthesiologists delivering patient and surgical care in under-serviced areas in other words rural areas. and concentre on strategies to improve accessibility to health care services in rural areas. (Good pointhow would you implement this?)

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