Thursday, May 9, 2019

Cooperative Learning Activity and Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Cooperative Learning Activity and Paper - essay ExampleSome scholars may be very dormant while others may be full involved, hence lack of accountability and equal participation which, are the basics of accommodative learning. Unlike cooperative learning whereby individual bookman performance is monitored publicly, in group work, the overall outcomes from the group is what matters most thus far if one of the students did not get the concept of the learning natural action, hence cooperative learning is more businesslike than group work (McCafferty et al, 2006).Activities that can be done in cooperative learning groups includes teacher identifying a specific topic with different subtopics. Under the subtopics, each student is minded(p) a task to look on and finally presents it in their cooperative learning groups as the other students listens to the posed ideas and clarifies on all issue that is not clear. Through this, all the individuals gain from the learning activity. Anoth er cooperative learning activity is modelling of a structure like maybe an urban planning landscape, whereby each student is given a different component of the landscape to incorporate into the whole landscape model. After each student has carried out their task, all the students are responsible and accountable of the final model of the urban landscape. In addition, a student may be given an area of expertise to teach the whole class. Through this, the student teaching gains as much as the learners through what he or she has taught (McCafferty et al, 2006).A good example, in an elementary class, grade one, where shapes are the best method of introducing geometry in mathematics, cooperative learning can be incorporated to the students learning. In a class that is meant to go for an hour, students can be divided into four groups with quintuple individuals each. Each group is to be assigned a shape like circle, triangle, square and rectangle. A

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