Saturday, May 4, 2019

Obama presidency and the media Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Obama presidential term and the media - Essay ExampleIn this respect, managing the presidents substance is of paramount importance to the White Houses communications trading operations because it inevitably determines how the message is perceived both internally and externally, how it is interpreted, thereby influencing its outcomes respectively. This paper is an update chapter to Martha Joynt Kumars Managing the presidents message, examining how the Obama administration has coped with new media and handed-down media, and the effectiveness of the administration in conveying its message. Additionally, the paper comments on how the sr. and new media have covered the Obama presidency from the perspective of a news consumer on the premises of whether or not one can make judgment or take action based upon the schooling received by the news media. Out of seven US presidents in the period following field War II including Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, and George W Bush developed effective communications operations because both the presidents and their cater understood the significance of explaining to the public the administrations priorities and strategies that promoted their achievement (Kumar 1). Unlike these five heads of state, Republican George H W Bush and Democrat Jimmy Carter, the two chief executives who had minimal interest in presidential communications since they did not consider them as fundamental aspects of their presidency, had a lot of difficulty winning corroboration of legislators and the public on many issues. The four basic functions of the presidential communications operations include advocating, explaining, defending, and organize on behalf of the chief of state how effectively the communications operations carry out these functions depends on miscellaneous factors. These include the nature of what the administration is trying to sell, the chief executives communication competence, organizational components of the communications operation most importantly, the organization of the communications operations carrys central control, an infrastructure that satisfies the ever-large news reporters need for news, and a team of communications staff that has vast knowledge of reporters routines. The single most important benchmark for effective communications operations is the nature of policies and effective performances of the administration that is trying to sell them since even if the communications operations is so good at what it does, it cannot function on a backdrop of weak policy or weak implementers. Like his predecessors, the US president Barrack Obama also regularly communicates with his fellow citizens to assure them of his administrations plans, decisions, as well as stand points on both global and domestic policy issues as need may dictate, but through new media. Coping with new and traditional media The Obama presidency values the significance of an effective communications operations mechanism for the effective delivery of his messages and, contradictory all other presidents who have also longed to reach the people directly, bypassing the big national news agencies, the Obama presidency has taken this quest to extreme heights altogether with his thorough disdain of the media (Rubin). The Obama presidency has shunned mainstream media, and while he engages with both print and broadcast media every day, the chief of state together with his staff

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