Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Distance Education Essay -- essays papers

Distance EducationThe American Education System over the years is developing a immature way of schooling. Many colleges are resorting to this type of learning which is called Distance Education. Distance Education is possible through the new advancements and technologies of computers. This new ideal learning has serious and negatives attributes, raises the differences between teaching in a classroom verses distance education, key players that are involved and schools who are offering this online education. This can be a semiprecious aspect to our society.The computer is one of the most important technologies in this world. Due to the invention of the computer, our society as a whole has changed immensely. We can just issue forth on the internet, which is a new technology and send a person a letter through e-mail, instead of going to the post office, where your letter powerfulness not be delivered for a few days. These technologies have made life easier for everyone especi ally for the college students. If they need to get in touch with their professor, all they have to do is jump on the computer, go to their e-mail account and write up a message to their instructor. The computer has specified programs make particularly for a egress in a class. For example, in ISTC class, it provides a program called Blackboard. With this program, assignments can be given online, without meeting face to face. Because computers are so high-tech these days, you are equal to take college classes online and receives legible credit for it. Since the computer is becoming more progressively advanced everyday, students are able to go into a virtual classroom to babble to their professor and fellow classmates. This virtual classroom is just like a real cla... ...E-Learning Strategies for Media Online Teaching and Engaged Learning. International Journal of Distance Education Technologies, Vol 2, pg 17. Retrieved October 13, 2004, from academician Search.5. Meyer, K. (2002). Quality in Distance Education. New York Wiley Periodicals, Inc.6. Palloff, R. (2003). The Virtual Student. San Francisco Jossey-Bass. 7. Saygin, C. (2004). A Web-based Programmable Logic Controller Laboratory forManufacturing Engineering Education. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 24, 590. Retrieved October 11, 2004, Academic Search. 8. Twigg, carol A. (1996, March). Is Technology a Silver Bullet?. Educom Review, Vol 31, pg 28. Retrieved October 16, 2004, from ERIC/EBSCO database.9. Willis, Barry. (1993). Distance Education A Practical Guide. Englewood Cliffs, NJEducational Technology Publications.

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