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E-Commerce for Government Organizations Term Paper

E-Commerce for Government Organizations - Term Paper ExampleIn addition, security function and solutions frequently established ineffectual results or damaged performance. Therefore, the overall historical documentation of Government culture technology plans is away from competence (FIPR, 2011). Moreover, new technology based security solutions like public-key arrangements and digital signatures theoretical account hardly ever prolong the advantages declared by their supporters to commerce discipline or the government. On the some other hand, more and more people think that innovative technologies will facilitate public control to cockle an extraordinary volume of data and information regarding people. In addition, improved competence, safety and exploration effectiveness has withal been employed as explanations for the attack over people security and confidentiality. However, in presence of all these dangers the exercising of e-commerce for the government organizations is ris ing (FIPR, 2011), (Turban, Leidner, McLean, & Wetherbe, 2005) and (Slyke, Belanger, & Comunale, 2004). This paper discusses the use of e-commerce for government organizations. The basic aim of this research is to analyze the immenseness of e-commerce to government organizations as well as problems that may arise and thereafter it will offer affirmable solutions.Evolution of Governmental E-commerceConventionally, governments have paid attention on supporting e-commerce for the improvement of rules and policies intended to corroborate or control private web based company plans (Blakeley & Matsuura, 2001). Matsuura, 2001). Additionally, this National Framework regarding the governmental services for the ecommerce enables the senesce of internationally operating societies those are offering novel prospects for companies to sell abroad to earn foreign exchange. In addition, at the present there are nationwide structures those are offering great corroboration in form of open as well as protected business dealings for the small, medium and overlarge size companies, to do business with Governments and other companies. In this scenario, the Governments purchase from thousands of dealers and this national structure will offer a way for customers to access business services as well as valuable products on a single platform all through the nation. Moreover, in both personal and public areas, the purpose of IT tools and applications is minimizing the expenditures as well as improving the performance and quality of B2B dealings. Furthermore, with the arrival of more lucrative and unproblematic to use technologies this procedure has improved to a great extent (Australian Procurement and Construction Council Inc., 2011). Therefore, considering this framework in the United States, the national administration has performed several

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