Friday, May 3, 2019

Report Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Report - Assignment ExampleThe advent of in the buff technology exit contribute to raise the productivity and pull up stakes also reduce the production cost. The entryway of upgraded technology pass on enhance the power quality. The technological progress in the production process will also contribute in the distribution process of power. In this fashion less power will be lost in the distribution process and can be utilized by the lot (Mkpandiok & Dimla, 1999). Price The price is the most important determinant that either drives the consumers towards the products or drives them away. If the price strategy is bewitching the consumers will be driven to buy the products (Salzman, 2008). Again if the consumers believe the price is costlier than the substitutes available in the market, they will drive themselves towards the substitutes. Therefore thorough market research is necessary before labelling up the price. The company first off needs to tooshie the consumer base. If the target base is the upper income level people then the incomes of those consumers should be taken into account while adopting the appropriate price strategy. It is important to judge the demand throughout the year as well. It is recommended to use the flexible or the reasonable price strategy since this will allow the middle income multitude to fall with the consumer base. This strategy will have two objectives (Belohlavek, 2008). On one hand the company will be able to cement the consumer base while on the other the demand for the product will raise which will tend to bring in more revenue into the company. The middle income group mostly have low disposable income and so a reasonable price strategy will be mouth watering for them. Place The first thing which the company will like to do is to target the areas where it expects to attain maximum demand. An effective market research technique is indispensible in this case. The population, income levels, the demand potential are some of the parameters that are taken into account while analysing the target market (Shaad, & Wilson, 2009). Once the potential areas have been identified the company needs to tap them either with the help of some attractive strategies or with unlike methods of advertisements. Once the potential market gets tapped the company needs to recruit the suppliers to maintain the distribution chain. These suppliers will return electricity to the entire geographic location. Promotion It is necessary to increase the brand awareness in the new-made world. The consumers are inclined towards brand and therefore companies tend to focus a lot today on generating brand value (Viardot, 2008). The brand value can be gained through various modes of advertising videlicet print media or digital media. The advertisements cement the name of the brands on the minds of the consumers. Similar advertisement initiatives include sponsorship of have events or television programs. The point is to stay in touch with the consumers all the time in whatsoever way it can be. Few Statistics The demand of energy has significantly increased over the last fewer decades. Significant energy production and appropriate distribution can drive the nation towards development and growth. Nigeria Follows federal official constitution. The purpose of the study is to develop marketing mix strategy for the energy providing company in Nigeria. The system of rules is trying to provide electricity in the Nigerian Market. The Nigerian electricity industry is very oft potential. The industry is suffering from

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