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Globalization: What It Is and How Can We Improve for the Better Essay

You piece of tail interpret globalisation in any charge you want because it is not a word but a way of living, be it bad or good. Where did the term globalization come from and what does it mean for consumers, bodily factories, and workers? How did it affect their lives? Despite all of its different sides, globalization is a good thing but to a certain extent. globalisation is in our world direct and we should instruction on what we should do to regulate globalization to where we are progressing as a whole and not returning to the dark ages. In order to practice these questions we must ask ourselves what does globalization mean? The dictionary definition of globalization is the act of globalizing, or extending to other or all parts of the world. According to Charles Tilly, globalization means an increase in the geographic range of locally consequential social interactions, especially when that increase stretches a significant proportion of all interactions across internation al or intercontinental limits (qtd. in Kesselman 2). It also means it is a worldwide integration and development of countries for the benefit of the world.Economic globalization is a critical different. According to the dictionary, economic globalization refers to increasing interdependence of and national economies across the world through a rapid increase in inter-border endurement of goods, service, technology, and capital. horizontal though we hear about globalization a lot recently, the term is not young. People retain been selling and trading with different nations for thousands of years onwards the Great War (World War I) broke out putting it on hold. In fact, globalization has been around for many another(prenominal) centuries now. It has just been a pattern invariably since man first traded. A new era of globalization started and has continued since the 1980s (Kesselman 4). Many believe globalization to be spread by westerners. Since the new era of trade, the west d id have a large part in influencing globalization, many of which were manufactured automobiles or frameworks. Globalization is often seen as global westernization (Sen 28). pee-pee up though globalization is most commonly viewed as such, it is not entirely an invention of westerners. There has also been a large influence from the easterners too. Globalization can be a good thing. One good reason why globalization is good is because of international trade. Trade has increase and production has increased. Goods and products have been traded internationally around the world. We get bananas, sneakers, and clothes from other countries. When we trade internationally, it helps both sides of the trade. One country gets the profit to help its country out and the other gets its product. The bottom path then is thattrade is beneficial (Wolf 76). An example of trade that is beneficialOf the countries of the world, those in East Asia have grown the fastest and done most to reduce poverty. And they have done so, emphatically, via globalization. Their growth has been based on exportsby taking advantage of the global market for exports and by closing the technology gap. It was not just gaps in capital and other resources that separated the developed from the less-developed countries, but difference in knowledge. East Asian countries took advantage of the globalization of knowledge to reduce these disparities. (Stiglitz 87)Another reason why globalization can be a good thing is knowledge and communications. Without the invention of telephone, it was hard to communicate with one another in the united States. Before phones or telegrams, there were carrier pigeons, letters by mail, or person-to-person conversations. Now almost everywhere around the world has some diverseness of communication cell phones, internet, video chats, blogs, etc. The internet is also a means to free development.Of course, there are plenty of negative impacts of globalization. The spreading of infor mation and the spreading of factories causing severe side effects that could cause destruction throughout the world and already has. As your country puts on the Golden Straitjacket, both things tend to happened your economy grows and your politics shrinks (Friedman 61). In other words, once a country plays into the global economy they have to invent huge sacrifices. Globalization is compulsive by investments, trades, and information. With this rapid form of sharing, it has major effects on the environment and cultures along with the sight.Some of them are even harsh. Flames and smoke swept the cramped textile factory in Baldia Town, a northwestern industrial suburb, creating panic among the hundreds of poorly paid workers who had been making undergarments and plastic toolsalmost killing 300 workers (ur-Rehman, Walsh, and Masood 2012). This is one of the many reasons of the negative impacts of globalization. With globalization many corporations only care about production and how fast they can produce it. Many of the factories, like the one in Baldia, had no safety regulations because the factory wanted more production and more money. Instead of using that money to get better safety for the factory, almost 300 peck died that day.I believe that globalization is a good with regulations in place. There will need to be a lot of rules and regulations of globalizations like safety and health. I believe in free information and knowledge. It should be free in order for us to go and become a better people. Without these rules, things like Baldia happen. Globalization plays a big part in our lives today. Even if we tried, we would not be able to stop globalization. We can only regulate it. With globalization we can move towards a more peaceful future where we can understand each other. To improve safety and have regulations is a way to improve globalization. This will make it a whole lot better. If the factory in Baldia had better safety regulations and pay, then the outcome of the burning would have been different. There would be 300 people alive today.Despite all of its different sides, globalization is a good thing only when it is kept regulated. Globalization is in our world now and we should focus on what we should do to regulate globalization to where we are progressing as a whole and not going backwards. With all of the bad and the good, only we can make the difference however small that change may be it is still a difference for the better. Actions that will help others are the only way to go and understand one another more. With all of our technology and knowledge, we can solve many of the worlds problems if we just were not so greedy. With globalization, we can change the world hopefully for the better.Works CitedFriedman, Thomas L. The Lexus and the Olive Tree. The politics of globalization a reader. tell apart Kesselman. Boston Houghton Mifflin Co., 2007.59-69. Print. Kesselman, Mark. Globalization as Contested Terrain. The politic s of globalization a reader. Mark Kesselman. Boston Houghton Mifflin Co., 2007. 1-13. Print. Sen, Amartya. How to Judge Globalism. The politics of globalization a reader. Mark Kesselman. Boston Houghton Mifflin Co., 2007. 28-36. Print. Stiglitz, Joseph E. Globalisms Discontents. The politics of globalization a reader. Mark Kesselman. Boston Houghton Mifflin Co., 2007. 86-96. Print. ur-Rehman, Zia, Declan Walsh, and Salman Masood. Pakistan Factory Fires cut down More Than 300. The New York Times Breaking News, World News & Multimedia. 12 Sept. 2012. Web. 2 Oct. 2012. 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