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STL-2 knowledge based questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

STL-2 knowledge based questions - Essay Example Moreover the type of research in terms of the object of study in also very important. If the object of study is an individual child, than only a single child is observed. However if the object of study is a group of children, than samples size should consist of a number of different groups. The aim of study children in groups is to analyze the behavior of child in a group. This could include the response of child to social phenomenon or just sleeping patterns of children living in groups etc. Therefore an individual child could be observed or the group could be observed as a whole. These observations can enable a researcher or parent to analyze the different needs of the child for example food, sleep etc. From an educational perspective these observations can help establish an understanding into the interests a child is showing. Both parents and doctors can then use this information and compare it with benchmarks to understand the progress in a child’s habits. Thus they can su pport the positive aspects and stop the negative ones. There are different procedures and methods to observing a child. The observations however should not interfere with the normal settings of a child’s daily schedule. This is because the aim of every research is to analyze how the child would perform and work in a normal environment. However if the researcher is not careful in ensuring that the original environment of the child is in intact the entire purpose of the research could be at risk. This is because if the original environment is tampered with the child would lose his routine. The observation in the new routine or state of mind would not be applicable in normal environment of other children. Therefore the validity of research would be severely harmed. The results acquired would have no significance. The best method is that observer should allocate timing according to the subject of observation. This would mean that

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