Sunday, August 11, 2019

Research Skills and Principles Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Research Skills and Principles - Assignment Example modelled to solve the shortcomings associated with Traditional IP-based networks, ATM networks and Frame Relay in the management of enormously large networks like scalability flexibility, security, and cost?. Such a question is sufficient and in line with the aim of the study. It is effective to help the researchers study the impacts of the interior gateway routing protocols in the MPLS VPN. The approach employed in the study is sufficient and closely linked to the study question and objectives. Such an approach helped the researchers to investigate and validate their new proposed design. The authors proposed a new design that merged both features of layer three such as intelligence and scalability with those of layer two such as simplicity and efficiency culminating into MPLS/BGPVPNS design. The authors first conducted a thorough literature review on the related topic. This was of great benefit as it provided the bedrock for the study. The review of the literature helped the authors to get valuable insights into the current problem the system has and thus need for alternative. The reviewed literature in the MPLS, VPN, and MPLS VPN technology presented the best opportunity for gathering the information for a satisfactory fathoming of linked concepts to the current study. Subsequently, the authors did awesome work by indulging into an in-depth deliberation on various routine concepts. Such a discussion availed the avenue critically to investigate the effects of interior gateways routing protocol. Moreover, the authors should be lauded because they gave specifications of the twin routing protocol for the present study. The two simulation approach employed were appropriate and in line with the study questions and objectives. The simulation help to probe the two design separately to make a rational decision. This was necessary to gauge the merits and demerits of each design which would later inform the investigators of the most appealing design to implement. The use

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