Saturday, August 10, 2019

COMMUNITY PROFILE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

COMMUNITY PROFILE - Essay Example This paper delves into one specific region that has been put on the spot for the threat the people are facing, especially when it comes to the aspect of physical inactivity. It also strives to bring out some of the factors that influence different characteristics of members of this population, and how their health status might be affected due to some of the mentioned factors. Factors that influence their health will also be mentioned, giving rise to the morbidity factors, and the risks to which most of them are exposed. The aim of this paper is to examine some of the behavioral traits that exist in this population, and why the proportion of adults in the region participating in physical activity is low. In so doing, it may be possible to identify factors that may improve these numbers. The population that is under study is London Borough of Hillingdon, where it is believed that the average proportion of individuals who participate in physical activity is less than the average of England. This region is of interest because it is said to be among the greenest cities in the world. This is amazing considering the statistics that show of the inactivity levels displayed in relation to the individuals in this society (DH 2012). One might be forced to think that living in such an environment would make people choose a healthier lifestyle, but studies indicate otherwise. Adults and children are not spending an average of 3 hours a week on physical activity, which should be a cause for alarm. Children alone, on average, should have at least 60 minutes per day of physical activities that help prevent some of the health problems that may arise (Long et al. 2009). Current statistics indicate that at least one in six deaths occurs as a result of physical inactivity, and this ma kes this issue as immense as smoking. It is also interesting to note that this

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