Thursday, August 22, 2019

Differences between Private and Public Sexuality Research Paper

Differences between Private and Public Sexuality - Research Paper Example Sexuality incorporates ones human body, thoughts, and soul. This paper respects sex wholesome and does not focus on the physical methods of sex intercourse but aims to discover the issue of sexuality in the angle of its public and private aspects. To observe the issue, it is important to provide a clear definition of the sexuality, as it can be often confused. It is much wider than body and physical interaction; yet they are strongly involved. It covers the points of gender identification and gender role – to which sex a person refers him- or herself and a way he or she is expected to act according to it. Sexual orientation is, of course, important part of sexuality. Sexuality also concerns body image; it can drastically change peoples lives and determine their self-esteem and pleasure gained from life. Sexuality covers aspects of sexual experiences, fantasies, ideas etc. It defies the way our surrounding – friends, family, religion, society shape our sexual perceptions and convictions. Sexuality immerses through all areas of our lives; it is seen through the movements, mimics, conversations etc. It is connected with the way people feel love, compassion, intimacy, even sorrow ("Sexuality Resource Center for Pare nts"). Sex itself has undergone many changes; it is no longer a sin – neither it is a duty (Offit). A repetitive point in sociologies, particularly in gender and sex studies, is whether sexuality is a public or private issue. Public angle of sexuality and its implications could be observed from different social, economic, legitimate, cultural and political viewpoints. There are many angles that set restrictions and laws that define the ways of acceptable behaviors. These views usually vary from one country and culture to another. Sexuality was always ambiguous: there were private sex in the bedrooms in the boundaries of marriage and the same time there were prostitutions and

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