Monday, August 26, 2019

Reagen last assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Reagen last - Assignment Example Vietnam syndrome can be simply referred to a view mainly held by American conservatives that the loss of Vietnam War persuaded the American public to protest against any type of US-involved military conflict. More precisely, horrible memories of Vietnam War, including the images of killed soldiers and civilians, have influenced American to oppose any type of war. As a result of this fear of loss, any attempt by the US to become a part of a military conflict would be perceived by the American society as ‘another Vietnam’. Reagan was against the Sandinista government in Nicaragua and he tried to topple the Sandinista government with the help of US supported Nicaraguan contras. For this, Reagan encouraged guerilla war insurgency. Reagan adopted such a policy because he strongly believed that Sandinistas’ victory would fuel revolution throughout the region and challenge the security of the US. Reagan turned against the Sandinista government specifically after the spread of social unrest to neighboring countries. Reagan introduced Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) in 1983 in an effort to protect the country from strategic nuclear ballistic missile attacks. He held the view that this defense system would eliminate the possibilities of a nuclear war. The US involvement in Afghanistan in 1979 during Carter’s presidency was simply to suppress the Soviet-led Afghan forces. It is obvious that the major intension of the US was to respond to the Soviet invasion in Afghanistan. Reagan administration not only continued this involvement but also increased the support significantly for Mujahideen. The Reagan doctrine was the strategy developed and executed by the US under the Reagan administration to abolish communist ideology from the world. It can be argued that the Reagan doctrine specifically focused on opposing the global influence of the Soviet Union.

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