Thursday, October 17, 2019

Visa Inc Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Visa Inc - Research Paper Example Visa Inc. (2011) is a company that was founded from the simple idea of digital currency, but had managed to connect millions of businesses, consumers, financial institutions, and even governments to each other in the short while that it has been operating. It allows its customers, in over 200 countries (Visa Inc, 2011) and areas to replace their cash and check transactions to digital transactions. It has a separate network named VisaNet (Visa Inc, 2011) for financial institution clients. VisaNet is a central and modular payments network that offers three important services of â€Å"risk management services, information services and transaction processing services† (Visa Inc, 2011) all together in one package. Furthermore, VisaNet (Visa Inc, 2011) is constantly working on ways to improve their service, so that people can utilize the method of electronic payments for several more purposes and in more places, because of the network size and payment expertise. This enterprise also provides financial institutions with recognized payment products, which they use to provide â€Å"cash-access, prepaid, debit and credit programs to customers of all types† (Visa Inc, 2011), people as well as state owned and private businesses. This company is the owner of the Visa brand, with their customers crossing several millions and with 1.8 million ATMs distributed worldwide amongst several countries and regions (Visa Inc, 2011). This company remains a frontrunner amongst all electronic transaction companies since the start of its operations. It initialized with credit cards and moved on to offer mobile payments and neural networks, being one of the first companies worldwide to offer such services, thus always remaining updated and developed in an already rapidly changing industry. Considering the large contribution of Visa’s payment platforms to global commerce, its support to all its customers seems invaluable. Visa Inc. (2011) itself does not deal directly with customers in terms of issuing cards or

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