Thursday, October 17, 2019

Provide a report to describe how you would plan a survey for this Essay

Provide a report to describe how you would plan a survey for this purpose - Essay Example The first requirement is regarding sample population and the data collection procedure for obtaining required information (Rubin, 2008, p. 59). Access to the sample population of visitors can be in various tourist areas, shopping malls, and other visitor attractions. Therefore, one can conduct the survey at multiple locations where visitors are likely to be. Once researchers decide about sites of the survey, a sample population must be chosen and the number of visitors to be surveyed must be decided. For instance, approximately one hundred visitor opinions can be an adequate number of responses needed for the results of the survey for generalization. After this, surveyors can focus on parameters or controls for age, gender, marital status, number of children, and income. Hence, out of the 100 respondents surveyed, 50 can be female and 50 can be male. Then the research team should divide participants further into age brackets to ensure that results may indicate opinion of people belonging to different age brackets (Schaeffer et al, 2011, pp. 112-115). The data should be collected via a verbal survey in which visitors are stopped at the site of the survey and requested to answer a few quick questions. The interviewer should fill out the questionnaire him/herself and ask a limited number of questions, which should mostly be close-ended. It is important that the first few questions should relate to personal characteristics, such as age bracket, occupation, family size, and income. Subsequently, the questions should focus on the types of shops and the types of services people visit while staying in Canterbury City. It is important that the survey should ask information regarding spending of customers on different activities and products, and if possible, regarding total budget of the visit. An efficient way will be to include quick questions regarding personal interests along with types of

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