Friday, October 18, 2019

Global warming Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Global warming - Research Paper Example While many people recognize and acknowledge that global warming is something that we should concern ourselves with, there are others still that believe the issue is either not that vital or that global warming is something that we can benefit from. However, given the rather drastic increase in the temperature of the earth, global warming is an event that should be taken seriously in the hopes of preventing drastic damage to our environment and our lives. History of Global Warming The premise for global warming dates back to the 1800s, when it was noted that, due to the first Industrial Revolution, the coal, railroad, and land clearing prompted greenhouse gas emissions to speed up (Weart 29). It was noted at the time of the second Industrial Revolution that electricity, public health, and fertilizers further accelerated the greenhouse gases. It was revealed the various ways in which the earth’s temperature was changing in relation to certain events or situations, such as wars o r population growth. It was not until the late 1990s that it was discovered that the changing of the temperature was changing rapidly throughout the world and fears began to grow about what global warming was capable of doing. In 2009, it had been announced that global warming was moving at a faster pace. ... Pros of Global Warming Many people believe that global warming can be beneficial to humanity and should be embraced, not feared. One of the examples as to how global warming can be beneficial is that some of the frozen regions of the earth, such as Arctic, Antarctic, and Siberia have the possibility of experiencing plant growth and milder climates (Houghton 94). This could also hold true for other places throughout the world that may be too cold for plant growth, which could aid in the issues of hunger in some of the third world countries. Similarly, the agriculture seasons would be much longer, allowing for increased production, thus aiding and boosting the economy. If the weather were warmer more often, there would be fewer injuries and deaths due to the cold. This could be especially helpful to people that live rather exposed in colder climates. It would also take less energy consumption to make colder places warmer, which would help the country with the ever-growing concerns of f inite resources. Though many of these sound like welcome changes to the way the world is now, they have their downfalls, thus turning down the potential benefits of global warming. The frozen regions of the world were not meant to have plant or agricultural growth, and this could prove to have repercussions on the ecosystem. An increase in agricultural bounty would be useful, but overproduction would not be useful. Finally, though warmer weather may mean fewer deaths due to cold weather, there could be an increase in deaths due to warmer weather if things get too hot for people. Cons of Global Warming Perhaps unsurprisingly, the cons of global warming greatly outweigh the pros. The greatest consequence we could see due to global warming is further complications with

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