Wednesday, October 9, 2019

HISTORY - choose 1 of the questions to answer Essay - 1

HISTORY - choose 1 of the questions to answer - Essay Example The need to abandon slavery began in the Northern States with the support of the Democrats, who demonstrated against the denial of rights to slaves (Ferrell 43). The United States Supreme Court even developed its own definition of â€Å"whiteness† where it asserted that whites were superior to other racist groups such as Native Americans, African Americans, West Indian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, amongst other racist groups (Ferrell 44). Many whites, including other Native Americans believed that slaves had no right to set themselves free, and live a fair life. Abolitionism movement groups were usually a minority within American society. This made the groups encounter heavy opposition from the majority groups, who either wanted to avoid making slavery as divisive political issue or supported slavery (Ferrell 7). Antislavery activists endured violent mob attacks on their printing presses and lecture halls, and for over two decades, a â€Å"gag rule†, in the Congress, banned antislavery activists from raising issues relating to this subject (Ferrell 7). However, this opposition only incited antislavery activists, and it made martyrs out of beaten Senator Charles Summer, insane John Brown, and murdered Editor Elijah Lovejoy (Ferrell 11). Antislavery activists were not only interested in ending slavery, but also ensuring that the Americans re-constitute the terms they apply to the concept of equality and liberty. They were looking forward to creating a society that embraced the significance of Revolution for all its people, male and fem ale, black and white. Antislavery activists were hardly perfect, and their abolitionism reform movements were characterized with differing opinions and attitude on racial responsibilities, characteristics and roles abounded within mixed races, classes and genders of abolitionism movement (Ferrell 23). Additionally, abolitionists lacked enough resources as compared to pro-slavery movements. For instance, in 1830’s, the whites dominated

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