Thursday, September 26, 2019

Week 4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Week 4 - Essay Example ected is accurate, all the team members should evaluate the operational descriptions of the data and ensure they are all correct, can be easily understood and completed. Therefore, awareness of the reliability and validity of the data collection tool used in quantitative research project is vital (Joint Commission Resources, Inc., 2008). Ensuring that the data collection tool is accurate is very crucial in qualitative research. Using consistent data collection tools increases the validity and consistency of the data collection. For example, a different person should collect the same data one has obtained at a different time. One cannot assume the blood pressure measurements taken are all accurate unless he or she is certain that the sphygmomanometers are often calibrated and all the doctors and nurses are well trained to provide best practice on taking blood pressures. A well cross-examined questionnaire will ensure that there are no shortcomings that lead to the collection of unreliable data. One is advised that if he or she cannot get a reliable collection tool, he should ensure that they carry out a pilot test first to avoid the difficulties. To improve on the reliability of data collection, training should be undertaken to all those who are providing data in correct procedures of data entry. Collecting unreliabl e data will lead to wrong results of the qualitative research (Chambers & Wakley, 2005). Cultural background is important in ensuring that one gets the information that one requires. When interviewing Ms. Li some of the cultural considerations that are important to remember include the preference of Asian Americans to herbal medicine, intimate partner violence or abuse among Asian Americans and the belief that the human body is whole and that each part is intimately connected, therefore when sick the whole body should be treated. The abuse assessment screen refers to a screening tool that is used to evaluate indications of abuse or violence against

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