Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Essay --

Question 1: Answer each of the following questions in MSWord a) Why is email an important toll in modern communications? Emails are important because it’s very fast, no need wait for answers, it’s in no time. It is good choice because it’s online. You can send text messages, attached file, even you can communicate face to face that’s using microphone and web camera. You can use emails in every place that have WiFi. b) What components make up an email message? Email components are recipient address, CC (carbon Copy), subject, editing tools, text editor, and attachment. CC means if you put another people email address in this line they will get email copy as well. Attachment – you can add and send files like pictures, sound files, signatures etc. c) What email account should people consider using? There are a lot of email providers. I will show 10 most popular. †¢ Google GMAIL †¢ Microsoft Hotmail †¢ Yahoo †¢ Outlook †¢ GMX †¢ †¢ AOL †¢ †¢ Zoho †¢ Lycos mail These emails providers are free and provide much more than just send and receive messages. d) What is good email etiquet...

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