Saturday, September 14, 2019

Bmw Organizational Structures Essay

Well first what is culture and how do you define it? It can be defined in many ways like what I think it is. Culture to me is the way we as a people are perceived by others. If you take that outlook and put it to a company say like BMW it merges nicely. What goes through your mind when you see someone driving in a BMW? If you’re like most people a number of things and it can be anything thing like nice car, they got money, what’s his job, etc†¦ But most the time when someone sees a BMW on the road they associate with some form of being successful. That I my eyes is a direct impact on a culture and in retune it impacts the company’s culture. How you ask? Well let me see if I can explain it the way see it. BMW has been a status symbol for as long as I can remember and longer early to mid-70’s. Today even more so and that makes people want to own one. Which makes them strive harder to be successful and in return makes the economy grow and that raises the bay in our culture as a people. The impact on that company makes them grow, build higher quality products and so forth. So it’s a big circle, the better we do the better they do. The more the company grows the better it is for our culture by make more jobs that boost the economy which boosts the way we fell about ourselves and that directly affects our culture. But it doesn’t stop they companies like BMW do more than make cars and jobs. They are pioneers of technology, safety innovations and many other things. One of the down falls of this can be said that it is taking the American out of being American. What I mean by that is that we are striving to own an import car not an American car. Cause to me there is nothing like being American and driving a big horse power American v8 muscle car. (I own a BMW M5 Funny right!) But at least I got the v8 right. One other down fall to that as for our culture is that by BMW being such a status symbol many people do resort to desperate act to obtain that status. And that bring a negative aspect to our culture. I remember working at Academy Sports a several years ago. I was one of the first at this store I even built the store (us on the build team) then stayed on as an associate. Saw many store managers come and go. With each one they left a mark on the way we did things in the store. We went form overnight receiving and stocking at the being to coming in early and finally to doing it during work hours. Each manager also had their own way they wanted the store to look, people act, way we greeted consumers, and even dress codes. Every one changed the leader roles around till they found what worked for the way they wanted thing done. So you could say in the process of 2 years I got culture shock about 4 times. So that’s one of my dealings with culture change within an organization among many others. Reference:

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