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Malcom X-J new muslim activism Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Malcom X-J new muslim activism - Research Paper ExampleThe Nation of Islam planned the creation of a separate nation for African Americans in the southerly or Southwestern part of the United States. This was only to be an interim plan till African Americans go back to their motherland Africa. Malcolm X argued that the U.S. governance owed compensations to blacks for the slave labor of forced to their forefathers and foremothers (Mash, 1996). He also advocated against the civil rights groups strategy of peacefulness and rather advocated that African Americans should defend themselves by any(prenominal) significant means. Many authors have endeavored to come up with publications that talk about this topic (Barboza, 1995 Mash 1996 Tate, 1997 Turner, 1997). Some have received nice reception and others bad, only some of the leading exceptions include Marshs From Black Muslims to Muslims, Tates Little X, Turners Islam in the African-American Experience and Barbozas American Jihad Islam after Malcolm X. This paper will summarize these writings and discuss how these four publications brought out this topic keeping in brainiac their authors thesis, as salubrious as their methods. ... The book comprises of interviews by Clifton E. Marsh with Imam Wallace D. Muhammad and Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad of the Nation of Islam. The volume adopts from The Black Muslims in America by C. Eric Lincolns, who initially introduced the Nation of Islam, Malcolm X, as tumefy as Elijah Muhammad, into the American perception. None of the people in the academic world were aware of or knew the Black Nationalist obsession burning in the mind of Minister Louis Farrakhan. It was Clifton E. Marsh who chose to intervene and force the death grip from the throat of his religious leader, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Minister Louis Farrakhan, in 1977, found/resurrected the Nation of Islam and started to breathe breeding into this vanishing movement (Mash, 1996). The authors main methodology was interviews with actual members of the Nation of Islam. They main persons interviewed were Minister Louis Farrakan, Imam Wallace D. Muhammad and Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad. The following individuals were considered as key figures of the movement, and therefore, their information was highly helpful to the publication. The author also utilized other historical sources, which gave insights on Black Nationalism, the Nation of Islam, Malcolm X, social conditions of the early 90s among others. Finally, his knowledge in sociology and also a professor of the same discipline at Tidewater Community College, Virginia, helped him develop a conceptual framework that would best explain the issues brought out by the Black Nationalism, as well as the Nation of Islam. With all the problems that African Americans were facing in the white mans land, Mash (1996) considered that

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