Monday, June 17, 2019

Changes brought on by blogging and social media on public relations Research Paper

Changes brought on by blogging and social media on public relations - Research Paper Example open Relations (PR) is the act of managing the informational flow that occurs between a business/company or organization and the public (Stuart, 2012). It is an inborn part of business operations, and any self-made company requires this part of business in order to maintain a relationship with its target market which in this case can be referred to as the audience.The introduction of blogging to the business world has affected the public relations sector in a number of ways, and it can be say that it has become an essential factor in this part of business as its popularity has continued to rise over the years (Fraser, 2007). Companies have developed the need to integrate blogs and blogging into their PR dodging as its growth has made it a medium of importance. There are various changes that have been brought on by blogging on Public relations as it has affected various areas related to th is practice. Some of these areas and the changes that have been to them includeCommunication can be said to be the sector that has been mostly affected by the introduction of blogging to Public Relations. The mode of communication has developed as a prove of the introduction of blogs to the internet as the traditional methods can be said to have been surpassed as a result of this new activity (Bruns & Jacobs, 2006). Whereas in the past most companies depended on the more traditional mediums such as TV, radio and Print media to pass on their information to the public, the introduction of blogs has brought on a new trend where these mediums are no longer a necessity for those organizations who may wish to pass on certain information to the public (Fraser, 2007). The internet has spread throughout the world like wild fire, and as a result there is a large demographic population that have turned to the World Wide Web as a source of information thereof

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