Sunday, June 9, 2019

Evaluation of the Company's Strategy Coursework - 2

Evaluation of the Companys Strategy - Coursework ExampleThe well connected digital world has become the birth cast of various trends of globalization, which has continued to emerge from various developed as well as emerging markets. Because of the process of globalization, demands for untried products and services be being form in the markets all over the world. The demands of new kinds of products and services in the global markets are resulting in the generation of multiple business opportunities. Companies around the world are increasingly moving to the new markets to tap the new business opportunities and thereby attend significant growth in their business. This particular assignment focuses on Tesco which is the study retailer in the UK market. The assignment discusses about the evaluation of the strategy of Tesco in the current times, from the angle of sustainability. Introduction The emergence and rapid development of technology has brought in a major change in the competi tion dynamics existing in any market around the world. The new technology has triggered the rise of new trends of globalization, which has automatically increased the flow of knowledge in the global markets. ... As a result of market entry by numerous international firms, the level of competitions in the global markets has gone up significantly. Also, the rise of competition in the markets all around the world has resulted in the process of increase of choice of alternatives for the consumers, thereby increasing the buyers power. In this case, the focus is on the UK based retailer Tesco. The UK based retailer Tesco has posture in around 12 markets and has team strength of more than 530,000 people (Tesco -1, 2013). The core purpose of Tesco is to make things better in an integrated manner. The values of the company can be linked to risque dedication towards the customers, equal treatment along with the focus on achieving growth through creation of opportunities and values for the v arious stakeholders (Tesco-2, 2013). In this case, the company is looking forrader to develop a sustainable strategy while significantly evaluating the currently existing strategy of the company. Analysis and critical evaluation of Tescos strategic localization In focusing on the critical evaluation of the strategic position of Tesco, it can be stated that the company in the current times has presence in various continents like US, UK, Europe and Asia. The UK based retailer has presence in multiple countries around the world which includes UK, US, Lotus, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Kipa, Ireland, Korea, Malaysia, China and India (Tesco -3, 2013). The portfolio of the company comprises of grocery, food, electronics, fiscal services, clothing, furniture, retailing of books, internet services, software, music downloads and DVD rental. The companys growing market share and a strong presence in the

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