Thursday, November 21, 2019

Enterpreneurship in action Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Enterpreneurship in action - Essay Example Their Advanced Information Based Allocation system automates allocation, booking and real time online tracking with super-sonic efficiency, enabling the company to manage a near limitless number of couriers with an exceptional customer service. Customers enter their collection and delivery addresses on the website, and the system sends the details to the courier best placed to do the job. The company has already made its mark in the previously inefficient world of courier services. Its website boasts an average delivery time of just 40 minutes. Annual sales have grown from ?100,000 to ?1m in recent years. Fast Courier has doubled in size over the last twelve months, and is on target to double again during 2013 with 40 vehicles. Next on the agenda is moving from Portsmouth to offer the courier services to other cities. There might be limited scope for the volume of business in Portsmouth; the scope is endless in other cities. Objectives The company wants to expand business across vari ous cities of United Kingdom. They are emphasizing on adopting state of art technology to provide fast courier service. Fast Courier Ltd is using eco friendly cars to provide service to customers. They want to improve online tracking system to increase efficiency in service delivery. The company has the objective to expand courier delivery network outside Portsmouth. Mission The company has a mission to provide eco friendly courier service. They want provide service beyond the expectation of customers. Company Summary The company was founded by Tina and Mike in the year 2009. Start up cost of the business was ?380,000. They gave importance to provide fast courier service to customers from day one. They have used state of art technologies like online parcel tracking to improve value delivery process. Company Ownership Tina and Mike is the owner of the company. Tina supervises technical aspects of the courier service and Mike concentrates on finance and marketing activities of the com pany. Market Trend in Courier Industry Courier industry has direct relationship with logistics sector. Logistics service includes air freight, transportation of parcels, street haulage, luggage compartment and warehousing, freights and postal services. There is more than 2,320,000 people working in supply chain and logistic sectors, which contributes 8% of the United Kingdom’s workforce. Logistic sector contributes nearly ?86.54 billion to GDP of the country. Cycle courier service is essential to provide fast service to customers in some cities due to heavy traffic congestion. There are more than ninety thousand people working in the courier industry of the country. There are more than 10,800 workplaces across the country. National and regional data East Midlands – There are almost 156,600 employees work in the logistic sector. Out of these 156,600 employees, 6,800 people are associated with courier industry, which contributes 4% of the logistics supply chain departmen t of the region. East England –

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