Sunday, July 28, 2019

Gathering Research Data Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Gathering Data - Research Paper Example The paper will focus on the ways at which the lives of these policemen are threatened and also the way they, the policemen feel about their jobs. Most of the policemen have different feelings about the nature of the jobs that they chose to take as their professions. The feelings that they have significaantly depend on the ways at which they have lived their lives while in the line of duty. The methods that are to be used to collect information in this research are interviews, questionnaires, ethnography, and secondary data which include papers that have ever been written and relate to the same topic. These questions are to be asked in the open ended interviews and questionnaires. Open ended questionnaire were used in qualitative research because it facilitates better knowledge of the nature of issue at stake. There is also the fact that open ended questionnaires give room for self opinion without influence since the questioning is done in private (Patton, 2002). How do you see your p rofession? Do you enjoy what you are doing? What problems do you face at work? How do you solve the problems that you face? How do you manage to balance between family and work? Do you know of any friend who has in the past been impacted by the stresses of work? Written sources from the past have shown that a majority of policemen feel that they have faced grave danger in their works or near death experiences. These show that what they do to protect the common citizen is by a far extent a great threat to their lives and the welfare of their loved ones. Despite the fact that every police officer is conscious of the physical and mental dangers that they may face, or they are already facing in the line of duty, most of them have been greatly impacted on by these danger or hazards to the extent that they become mentally disturbed. The pressure of being on the law enforcement sectors puts many police officers on the risks of getting diseases such as high blood pressure, increase in destr uctive stress hormones, heart problem or even sometimes the risks of committing suicide. This shows the dangers that police officers encounter while in the line of duty. Some of the officers get killed while trying to enforce the law while some end up getting mental problems since they have encountered stressing situations while in the line of duty (Bano, 2011). Most of the policemen that have been questioned in past interviews expressed the fact they get out of their homes with the fear that they might never get to return since they may end up being killed by gangsters leaving their families to suffer if they were the sole bread winners in the family. Others stressed on the fact that they make mistakes when they are trying to execute their work, and these mistakes in the end cost them their jobs, rendering them jobless with no ways of catering for their family needs. In some cases such as job accidents where individuals get hurt, it is up to the police officer to take responsibilit y for the damage. In this case, the officer who might have shot the person is then taken into custody or gets fired despite the fact that he or she had no intention of committing the mistake. The officer gets to pay for the mistake that he or she made in the line of defending innocent civilians. A research conducted by Bushara Bano showed that the factors that contribute

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